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Designer Showhouses are always a treat!

    This Design House opens this Saturday, April 10 in Bethesda, Md. just outside the Wash. D.C. city limits. 

    For a few minutes of fantasy and fun, sit back and watch the preview video:

Love the living room! and that driftwood sphere! What’s your favorite? 

Here is a link to the story from the Washington Post where you can vote for your favorite room…and see how others voted.


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I am linking to Timeless Tuesday!
Perhaps these fabrics will become classics…


Oh! The fabrics….. Do you know Carolina Irving Textiles?

Let me introduce you! Carolina was a former design editor at House & Garden and started this fabric company in 2006. She was also featured in the first issue of Lonny Magazine.


Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshot Screenshot

These fabrics are wonderful: they have that aged, time-worn look, and yet oh so contemporary. They will fit with almost any decor: from traditional to shabby-chic to moderne. And, because the colors are muted and almost tea-stained, they can either be the focal point in a color scheme, or blend in with other fabrics and colors.

And, come to think of it, wouldn’t these be PERFECT with some of the Farrow & Ball paint colors? How about:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Here is the page from Lonny Magazine. Click here to see this issue.



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    This was the bold headline in the latest Chico’s catalog. It went on:    

     “…..With spring? With the palest colors, the most sophisticated neutrals, and the way they look on     you?”

    So, it made me think: When did you first fall in love with decoration, with details, with color, with the concept of home?

    For me, I have always and always always been in love with interior spaces! First, it was my bedroom growing up “No, don’t you DARE sit on the bed, I just made it and it’s all smooth; can’t you SEE that?” I would say to my sister… This, in the bedroom where I had been allowed to choose the wallpaper and guess what? It had ballerinas all over it! I loved it. A boy had been in that room before me and the wallpaper had submarines and destroyers; quite a change!

    Years later, when I finally (after many long…years of roomates) had my own apartment, in New York: yellow, yes, it had to be yellow. To this day, yellow is one of my favorite colors. But yellow was hard to do in that apartment: the bathroom had pink and black tiles! Well, there was no getting around the fact that yellow towels simply WOULD NOT do. Ah well, let’s just go with pink, but then have them monogrammed! 

    I was married and our first apartment was […]


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This is one of the newest on-line magazines to hit the screen:


When you click the link above you will go directly to the on-line site: take a look around! I thought this project would be a good introduction to show you.

But, what do YOU think of on-line magazines? I have trouble with them: you can’t skim; you can’t flip through the pages (that is, without being at your computer); you can’t put stickies on pages to earmark; and some are very awkward to navigate. This one seems easier, but still, I have trouble zooming in and then having to move the page around all the time in order to see it all. And with LONNY, only the latest issue is available for viewing, and that I find a huge problem. We will see what happens with NESTING NEWBIES. Couldn’t they have found a better name???







One question […]


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What we all need is a good dose of SPRING! Have you been to Target lately? Even in the snow bound Northeast, they are showing row after row of bathing suits…so, of course, if you don’t go and try one on right now, while you are pasty and white, then, well, you just might miss out on your first choice!

In the spirit of all things SPRING, I give you some new flowers in all kinds of designs and products:

Here are the pinks, blues, lime greens. Note the splash of coral in the palette at bottom.
Spring Flowers 1

Here is a slightly stronger palette, including some black and white:

Spring Florals 2

Last week there was a discussion in the blogoshere about trend boards: what they are and how designers do them. They are usually thought of as a tool for interior designers and decorators as a way to show prospective clients, either retail or residential, ideas for a project.

My background is a variation on this: I am the product and/or print designer and in that capacity I […]


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Are you ready? Pantone has just come out with their new fashion colors for 2010: this takes a minute to start loading,so be patient.


I’ve added their description of these colors with nice big swatches….

Now, I know, this is fashion; but we all know how closely it is related to Home Furnishings and how short a time the transition takes from one to the other. Will we be seeing these in interiors soon?

Crisp ENDIVE:” a revitalizing yellow-green, adds freshness to the season’s top ten”

COlor 1

GOLDEN GLOW: “an earthy, deepened shade of yellow, creates a retro look with Purple Orchid or Woodbine.”

COlor 2

LIVING CORAL: “a softer, more inviting orange with a hint of pink undertone”

COlor 3

LIPSTICK RED: “a deeper, more dramataic sensual red, makes its imprint on fall, particularly in cosmetics”

COlor 4

PURPLE ORCHID: “a purple leaning to fuchsia, an unexpected choice for fall, imbuing a bit of magic and vibrancy”

COlor 5

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: ” evocative of delicious treats, is a rich brown with piquant plum undertones”

COlor 6

LAGOON: “guaranteed to add a tropical splash”

COlor 7

WOODBINE: ” takes last season’s neutral greens […]

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