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If you think you have been seeing more and more pastels out there…you're right! They are appearing on all sorts of home accessories from dinner ware to furniture to organizing items to fabric. I've been filing images away for a few weeks now and here are some ideas for you. 1. bowls  2. lamp  3. wire basket  4. water bottles 5. scarf  6. recipe cards  7. star vases  8. liberty fabric  9. trays  10. towels  These are only a small, small sampling of what is out there! While I am not generally a fan of pastels on the wall, I like this one. The gold flecks make it interesting and add some texture:  {source} And how about one of these mid century tables? love, love... {source} What do you think of this? Like or not? A giant canvas as headboard, and lots of pastels!                                                                                                  {source} Some pastel interior ideas: {source} {source} Many great pastel interior ideas on the site above: take a look! Finally, for the ultimate guide to PASTELS, there is a just published book, [...]


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 Today I'm joining up with Urban Jungle Bloggers and their monthly photo challenge. This month, to post on April 24th, is "Show Your Green Balcony or Windowsill". Well, I don't really have either, but I have lots of green! In fact, I didn't quite realize how much green I had... New "Irish Moss" ground cover . Can't wait to see this spread!     Euphorbia "Tiny Tim"   Hosta: not my favorite plant (sorry, you Hosta lovers…) but at this time of year it DOES look great!   Love my Heucherella "Alabama Sunrise" Again, I'm generally not a big Heuchera fan, but these are wonderful for the light shade. Last fall, when I bought them, the leaves were a red/gold and now in the spring this gorgeous green. Soloman's Seal: a gift from a friend and a new discovery   Looking down on an Asiatic Lily: by June it will be a gorgeous yellow!   Finally, a little color mixed in! These blue and yellow pansies survived the winter and are more robust and healthy than ever. But by June they will have succumbed to the heat and I will have to replace them with New Guinea Impatiens, which is an entirely different color scheme! Thanks to Igor and Judith at Urban Jungle Bloggers!     [...]


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Today I'm going to introduce you to a very special place and special person. Victoria Park Florist in Chapel Hill  Victoria Park is owned by Margaret and David Pender. I met Margaret last November when she spoke at our Garden Club meeting. Her story is so unique that right away I was entranced and knew I had to, someday, feature her on the blog. Meet Margaret: Margaret and Poppy, her gorgeous yellow love bird and constant companion!  We spent an hour together in the shop with me taking pictures and getting to know Margaret, her space and her inventory. I then sent her these questions as part of our interview: I know this is a very broad question…but how did you come to live and work in Chapel Hill? Did you consider other places in North Carolina? Margaret:   We were living in Zimbabwe in southern Africa but the political and economic situation made things increasingly difficult for us and the security in the country was deteriorating rapidly. We sent our two daughters to college in the northeastern United States.  When we were at our youngest daughter Michelle’s graduation, we decided to stay in America. My husband is an American but had to return to settle affairs. He told me to find somewhere to live and something to do! My daughters and I [...]


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I have been participating in an Instagram photo project from Artsy Forager aka Lesley Frenz Each day there was a word, or photo prompt. You may remember I did another one of these back in August with August Break 2013. I love doing these challenges! They are fun, the words are a wonderful way to rethink taking photographs, and I've "met" so many new friends. I will certainly continue with these projects. Here are just a few of this month's prompts and images. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen them before... (Starting off with a flower, since it IS Friday!) Spring has arrived: Grape hyacinths popping up all over!   Brass detail on my antique desk: Ornamentation Found at Porte de Vanves #parisbrocante   These have seen many years of service!   One of my favorite #morninglightdetails in my village. One of the best shapes in the kitchen. Makes the very best #bakedbeans We're off to Savannah and points South early tomorrow morning. Yes, of course, there will be many photos and posts to come!


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Raise your hand if you know Spoonflower How many hands do I see? Not many I think. Spoonflower is a fabric and paper printing company and this is their tag line: "At Spoonflower we make it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap." In other words, anyone can create a design, upload it to the Spoonflower site, and have it printed on eleven different kinds of fabrics, two kinds of gift wrap, wallpaper or decals. This is really C O O L. Reception area at their headquarters in Durham, N.C. The company was started in 2008 and has grown from, I think, four to almost forty full and part time employees. Aside from their main, and thriving, business of digital printing,they also offer all sorts of "Events" such as Surface Design: Creating a Basic Repeat with Paper or Mixed-Media Collages as well as opening their design space The Greenhouse as an open studio where you can bring your own project and work and meet others. I went over there in January (it's about 30 min. from my house) for an evening workshop Digital Design: Prepping Photos for Print I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but went prepared with many designs on my laptop. The course was taught by Allie who was excellent, [...]


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I have to admit, I am not a big DIYer. Give me a finished product or project any day! However, there comes a time when we all must DO it right? I had these two lamps, thanks to Marshalls, in my house for several years. We used them, but oh man, they were B A D. And the red shade. Well, brothel here we come! So finally I took them both outside, taped them up, and spray painted with a Metallic Paint. Lamp #1: Back in the house, testing it with an old shade. Of course it took me another few weeks to finally go and buy this Linen Tapered Drum Shade from Pottery Barn. I do like their collection of lamp shades... Lamp #2. Same ultra-polished, faux chrome base. Yuck. And here it is, on my office desk, reincarnated~ This is the Burlap Sheer Tapered Drum Shade from Pottery Barn. It's too bad they are discontinuing this one: it's one of my favorites. This is the Medium size. It may have taken me what? three years.... better late than never, right? Who knew (maybe you?) that spray painting lamps was that easy!

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