Holiday Time

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The holidays are fast approaching. How are you doing?

Each year that BIG DAY seems to arrive faster and faster. These days with all the on-line shopping we do… thanks to both Covid and the convenience of the world’s largest department store, Amazon, all we have to do is click that Paypal button and whoooosh….it ‘s done!

But I will tell you that my very favorite place to shop is Etsy. First, I really do try to shop local and/or small. Secondly, because I am an Etsy vendor I know how important each and every sale is.  And last, I think both the variety of goods and the customer service is unequalled .

For instance. There are two little girls I need to buy for. I won’t be seeing them at Christmas but they are the sweetest, cutest girls. Anyway, the older one was easy and done quickly at a makers market here in Chapel Hill. The younger one: hmmmm? Her mother said “Oh, some kind of bag or satchel or purse. She loves to carry cherished items around the house.”  Okay.  So off to Etsy to shop.

I mean, how cute is this? It’s 6 “x 4 ” and oh so perfect for those treasures!

It’s been a busy […]


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Oh, I know. It’s been many months!

So here we are. All of us at home; some of us are beginning to emerge.

How are you doing?

The weeks turned into months and now..well..maybe you are socializing just a bit? I have a collection of masks: do you? I wear one always; not always color coordinated, but that’s life! I do generally find them hot, oh so hot, and awkward and naturally I would prefer not to wear one. I’m sure you have your own source(s) for masks, but here are several I would recommend:


jillian rene mask This is my #1 choice from Jillian Rene Decor! Sophisticated, contemporary, unisex, well made.

I just discovered this one and really like it. All cotton. And, no ear loops. It comes in different sizes. I find these with the elastic bands are very comfortable.

Cotton face mask All cotton, and no ear loops! This is from Proper Cloth

My husband and I both love the gaiter mask option. They are very comfortable, easy to slide down when you don’t […]


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I know, I know…it’s been a L O N G time with no regular posts, right?
Here is what is happening.

Look around and you will see some changes on the blog!


We are slowly making some progress!

  • All new header. The old one was just too heavy. We lightened up, have a new design and new fonts!
  • New colors…well, actually combining some of the previous colors with new.
  • Sidebar has been redesigned with new titles, new formats and yes, the “Blogs I Read” list will be moving. (It’s still there for now, but any day it will be gone..)  All my recommended blogs will be in the menu item, at top, under “Blogs I Recommend.” The list was too long to remain on the Home Page. At least, that’s how I feel right now. Subject to change…

We’re trying out new widgets over there on the right, so don’t be bothered if it all doesn’t seem quite right! A few more days and it will be settled. Whew! You can see more of the process during my last blog update in 2014 in this post.

In the meantime, I have made my pilgrimage up to Chanticleer Garden!!!
Yes, indeed. And it was spectacular. I’ll be posting all […]


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How to make fun and colorful plates.

I wanted one more item to coordinate with the mugs, and plates were definitely going to be needed to eat the cake and egg muffins and cookies!

I took the images I had sent to Tiny Prints for the mug designs, printed them, and cut each one into a round. With the clear plastic plates stacked up in front of me, I adhered the round cut outs of these flower images onto to the back of the plate, using ModPodge. Really, this was very easy! Just be sure to center the round and then press gently to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Here are the supplies you will need:
Clear plastic plates: I used the 6″ size
A printout of the design you want to use
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Burnisher of some kind: a credit card works fine! 


Here is a short slideshow with all the mugs and plates together.
Fun and colorful, right?

Let me know if you want any further information or instructions. Really, these were quick and easy to do and just a bit unique!



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Patrick Dougherty is an environmental sculptor who uses tree saplings, trunks and branches to create one of a kind pieces of sculpture.

While the artist lives in North Carolina, he works all over the world. His installation sites are usually, although not always, outdoors and totally make use of local materials.

These are some of the most unusual, stunning, complex and people friendly sculptural pieces you will ever see.
And, they are knowingly built with a finite life span: none will last more than about two years. The branches will deteriorate and the installation will be taken down after a certain period of time which is just fine with the artist!

Na Hale 'O Waiawi This from Hawaii.


OutoftheBox-interior-590 From the North Carolina Museum of Art, 2009

They are fabulous! When I first saw his work I immediately thought of the work of Andy Goldsworthy: both artists have and feel and a close link to the land; they each construct (mostly) an ephemeral and time sensitive sculpture.

Dougherty’s work, whether small or large scale, indoors or outside, is amazing to watch as it takes shape and for months/years afterward. He just finished an artist-in-residency and installation here at the North Carolina Botanical Garden where I […]

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