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Pillows, Lighting, Tableware, Apparel…and all made in the U.S.









Paper Cloud’s product line is inspired by the sometimes quirky beauty of nature, and interpretations of all that surrounds us.”

They are in Cincinnati, Ohio and will be showing at the New York International Gift Fair , Booth 4208. Everything is made from either 100% linen or 100% certified organic cotton; it’s designed and hand printed in Ohio with water based, solvent free inks. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I discovered them just the other day and had to let you know. And those pendant lamp shades are just perfect for my new kitchen (pictures to follow some day…).


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So, what exactly IS a pouf?

Here are some definitions I found on line:

a thick cushion used as a seat
a women’s hair style
a part of a garment gathered into a puff

Let’s go with the first one… and you will see that they are VERY much a trend and are seen all over design-land.


Pouf Colors

I’m still on the fence with poufs…not too sure about them. In one sense they seem to be just another unnecessary, extraneous accessory to add to general clutter. Do we really need this piece of fluff?

Ok, on the other hand, they DO make sense! It’s always nice to put your feet up; in fact, I am always sitting on our sofa just because it has a nice, sturdy, feet-up-on-me table in front of it. And, of course, they make a great extra seat or casual stool. Some of them can even accomodate a tray for food.

Here are some room settings showing poufs:

from the formal to the sublime!


{house beautiful}


the white/neutral interior we are seeing so much of lately, with that great splash of orange (it’s all in the details, right?)

{my home ideas}


serene, peaceful, calming, formal: and then, the pink pouf!


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What a question, right?

    So…if you like to shop, do you shop on-line? Do you know where to shop on line? 

    The latest twist to shopping on line are members-only online sales sites. They promote themselves as “invitation only” sites…but in reality all you have to do is register (yes, they want your email for their daily list). Some say they have a waiting list, if you haven’t been “introduced” by a member, but I have never had trouble signing up and getting in right away. It may take a few hours, or even a day, but you too will become a member!

    Here are some of the most popular sites:


1.      One King’s Lane   It’s been called “the ultimate shopping site“! Five days a week they have a sale of at least two designer lines (usually four or five). These sales are definitely “first come first served” as quantities are limited. We’re talking goo……d stuff here: linens, bedding, tableware, candles, bags and the list goes on. With names like Vera Wang, Waverly, Reidl, April Cornell there will surely be something for you to want! Really, their things are great, and even if you don’t buy, you will come away with lots of new ideas.

Here are some plates I bought about a month ago. Set of six, in a box. The 6″ size is so hard to […]


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Yard Sale….at Eddie Ross

Yes, it was Yard Sale Weekend chez Eddie and Jaithan! They live in upstate New York, in the Hudson Valley. And this was their much anticipated yard sale…I was there within an hour of its opening. Lots of goodies! Of all kinds. Silver, fabric, furniture, dinnerware, bone-handled knives, lampshades, books and the list goes on. True to form, they were gracious hosts! Not only was it a sale: it was an “event”, drawing people from near and far. What a perfect way to start the long weekend… and I went on to Millerton for lunch with a friend and discovered lots of great shops and restaurants.

this is the house:


this is the view:


these are the people:



here are their neighbors:


and here are the goods: […]


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What a whirlwind weekend!

The weekend started out Friday afternoon as we drove up to the Berkshires to spend the night in an ordinary motel. Not so! We opened our bottle of wine and sat looking at the setting sun out over the water.  Then, the restaurant attached to said ordinary motel was Indian. We were in for a treat: authentic, delicious Tandoori and curry served while we sat by the water’s edge!

Saturday morning off to Brimfield. The weather was perfect. The “show” seems to get better each time I go, in part because it no longer feels SO overwhelming and enormous. I had definite fields, and names of booths, where I was headed…but of course was side-tracked many, many times. At the beginning of the day I was taking pictures every few feet: most vendors are fine with pictures, but I do always ask first, and yes, there are a few who won’t allow it. By the end of the day…well, it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.

I’ll do at least two posts on Brimfield..so stay tuned…but for now I have a few highlights to show you. 

First stop is Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Do you know it? It has been one of my very favorite booths at Brimfield every time I go! 

Oh my goodness. What […]


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Trend watchers take note!  
I just came upon these two videos from High Point Market. Interesting…

Love the gray…. and note the use of that plum, as seen at Maison & Objet.

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