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It’s winter here, oh yes, it’s REALLY winter! The snow is coming down once again. This morning I made it out to the gym before the white stuff started: thank goodness! Have to get the treadmill and weight work in or else I feel…well, what? Lethargic? Lumpy? No, just kind of stuck. Exercise is a very important part of my life and my weekly routine!

So, here I am, exercised and showered, with a cup of tea and my NEW (almost) MacBook, in my office at home, ready to work. ( By the time you read this, it will be later in the day, or even the next day….) But I started looking around the kitchen, in the drying rack to be specific, and spied this very wonderful shape!

Pain Quotidien Jar

In general, I love jam jars: for their recycl-ability but also for their shape. Some, not all, have great lines. This one is from Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown. At least, that’s the one I go to when I’m down there; there are others, to be sure.

I really like that restaurant. It has the great “communal” table on the main floor, with small tables around the sides of the room. It has FABULOUS food, good service and oh the pastries to […]


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It’s not often I win a prize! A real contest!

So…. I won this wonderful, very useful Le Creuset dish! See HERE for the contest entry. Then, take a look at Lindaraxa’s Garden site. This blog is one of the finest and well done of any foodie/cooking/ commentary blogs that I have seen. Very classy indeed. The blogger, Julieta Cadenas, is Cuban which makes this food blog just that much more different from all the others….plus she writes well and with a humorous twist that is refreshing. Her reflections on her Cuban heritage, and her life in general, are a pleasure to read. And, of course, there is her “sous-chef”: a Westie named Lucy, to add further delight to this culinary adventure!



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If you remember, I did a post on a farm project in Concord, Mass.(Dec. 11, 2009) called Gaining Ground. I just received their new cookbook for Christmas and am busy planning which recipes to try first!

This is a beautiful book! and can be purchased through Gaining Ground. Everything in here is, I am betting, just as good as this picture! The design of the book: the layout, the type, the organization, the sidebar information, and of course the recipes are all superb. Scroll down to see what I made today….

GG Cookbook Cover

GG Cookbook 5
  This is what I wanted to try first. We just finished our first servings, and yes, it is very very good…

GG Cookbook Recipe

GG Cookbook 2

GG Cookbook 1

There’s a Chocolate Bread Pudding I think I’ll make to take to a New Year’s Day annual party….


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Today I, like millions of others, went to the liquor store. I went to buy wine, and some gifts for family. And then suddenly I saw ALL OF THE COLOR around me! So many wonderful bottles to choose from: who cares what’s IN them, they LOOK spectacular! This is the first really BLING one that caught my eye:

Liquor 5

Wonderful winter silver:

Liquor 6

“Dutch Chocolate”?? I don’t know about that…..

Liquor 4

Seems the rums and vodkas have the best color selection!

Liquor 7

Liquor 1 

One of my favorites: Limoncello!

Liquor 2

Too bad about all the price tags being front and center.

By the way, I certainly hope it’s not illegal to show pictures of alcohol on line… is it?


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Everyone loved watching Ellise Pierce in her video at Creperie de Josselin…. so here is the sequel of making crepes at home! Yes, you too can do it: just watch, buy your pan, make your batter, DO IT, and ENJOY!

How about making a batch this week, then freeze, then serve for that Christmas Day brunch? Hmmmm: I would do it, but I won’t be home that day! Have to suggest it to my brother!

And…. sit tight: there is ANOTHER sequel to this yet to come!


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To step away from all the holiday hoopla, just for a moment, let’s focus on another local, hand crafted subject: food. This time it is the planning, planting, growing, tending, harvesting and ultimately, the giving, of food.

Gaining Ground farm is in Concord, Mass. and was recently visited by Alice Waters. This farm is very, very unusual, and is very successful…with five employees and hundreds of volunteers, it grows AND gives away all its food. The farm’s mission is to provide free fresh fruits and vegetables to those who can least afford them.”

To find out more about the farm and Alice Waters’ visit, click here...


Now, to be totally up front about this story, I have to tell you: my brother is the Treasurer of said organization and has worked the farm, in many and various capacities, for many years. He is truly one of its biggest fans and supporters! Here are just a few of his pictures of the farm and activities there:

Here is a picture, from their website, of the main site with garden:


GG 1

A young volunteer:

GG 2

“The Pavillion”:

GG 3 

View in the autumn:

GG 4

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