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Just in case you don’t know: tulips are my favorite flower.
And these are no exception.


Here is the description from the John Scheepers Catalog:
“A Temple of Beauty sport also known as a Lefeber Tulip, Perestroyka is a large, Lily Flowering-shaped beauty in a magical combination of currant-red and coral-orange with raspberry flames atop a sunny yellow base.”

I was surprised, and pleased, at the variety of colors here! Each flower has a slightly different coloration and combination of corals, pinks, yellow and cream. And then when they open (scroll down) they are so pretty as the petals seems to get larger and open.


Above is the true-to-color image of these lovely tulips. And below, well, I couldn’t resist a Lightroom Preset Moody-ish. Yes, these are done with a preset, but really, the colors in each flower are so varied..


And another of the Perestroyka in the kk_5 Friday preset.


Below are some Spring Green and Dordogne from John Scheepers along with Renown from Blooming Bulbs.

tulips IMG_7241-1_wm

These are the more classic tulip shape and […]


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As I write this, the weekend is almost over.

Let me share with you some of my “Sunday Best”: the small and large things that happened around here this weekend!

First, daughter arrived and is here for three days. That is always
a good thing.

Prepping before going out to do some shopping. Mother/daughter shopping is one of life’s finest experiences I have found. My daughter and I just get along. We have fun together (as you have seen from our various trips and travels…)

E and me

Second, I entertained thirty four women on Saturday morning for our monthly women’s group. This is the third year I have hosted the group the first Saturday in April and it is no coincidence that my tulips in the front garden are at their peak this week.


I’m liking the display this year, but you know, I think there is something missing in here. I wish I had planted some lavender tulips, or perhaps a deep purple/black. It needs some oomph and more color. But that is exactly why I pullout all my tulips every year and start again for the next season. Part […]


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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue!

The Ikea three-drawer dresser we had, the Aneboda, was discontinued about a year ago. But oh, did we get lots of use from two dressers and one tall five drawer dresser. Years and years. We still had one which lives in our guest room and is in beautiful shape. Not a thing wrong with it and still very solid. But the time had come (was overdue?) for a paint job. And new hardware.

The finished product:

Ikea Aneboda dresser IMG_0386_wm

This from an old catalog image:


And this, in situ, almost ready for the transformation to begin:

IMG_9888_wm Oh, those wooden “handles”…why, oh why, didn’t I change them out years ago?

I used “Napoleonic Blue.”

The first coat of this paint is always kind of “iffy” as it looks just awful. AWFUL. Streaky. Thin. No coverage. If you’ve never used this kind of paint…well, just be patient. Wait a few hours; let this first coat dry thoroughly, and wait until you see the second coat!


Here, the lighting is terrible as I took […]


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I have to admit that my garden doesn’t have many flowers to show you! Yes, it’s that time of year. It’s also looking particularly scraggly today after the hard rains last night. So what’s a girl to do?

Swing by Trader Joe’s!!

Love these dark red gerbera daisies and I knew they would photograph so well against neutral backgrounds. I went to a program last week featuring Margaret Pender of
Victoria Park Florist
here in Chapel Hill. Margaret is the most creative, artistic, soft spoken and lovely woman who has flower arranging in her blood. You can read more about Margaret in the interview I did with her two years ago.

Be sure to click this post where I had given you a very helpful tip on how to keep gerbera daisies as cut flowers.

Anyway..that was part of my inspiration here. The other part was from
Kim Klassen. Kim has the very best “recipes” for Photoshop filters for your photographs. She is a master at creating background filters, showing how to use them and finding so many helpful tips. More than that, Kim is a still life photographer par excellence! Please do go over to her site and spend some time there.





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If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love “statement” necklaces. Our choice of jewelry is really very personal, isn’t it? There are styles and colors and sizes that appeal to each of us regardless of fashion.
I am not a “single small stone on a finely braided long length chain” kind of girl.
For me, a short necklace is best….even a choker (so glad to see they are back in style!) And I like them chunky: not huge but something you really notice.

Let’s look at some fun statement necklaces from one of my favorites:

35732817_072_b Grassland Melange Necklace


35810456_069_b Rekenrek Layered Necklace


36031763_031_b Barri Link Necklace

35273523_015_b Buoyline Necklace

This just might be my favorite….but at $228 I’ll have to pass it up!

36001246_020_b Black Sands Necklace

I also went to Etsy to take a look. I searched “statement necklaces” and here are a few I found. A good number of the vendors are in China, Taiwan, Brazil so the shipping time and cost might be too much. I tried […]


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Melamine: It’s not just for outdoor use any more.

If you will remember, last year I did a post:
Outdoor Dining: The Melamine Trend
I have also been updating my Pinterest board
Melamine For Outdoor Dining
A name change is overdue for the board: maybe a simple “Melamine?”

There are so many great new, fun, and colorful designs coming on the market each month. Here is a roundup of some of the new designs I’ve found:


Melamine Plates Collage 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


39ebaa1550e1657c1b601342a9c1c72a This, called Daisy, is one of my personal favorites. From Crate and Barrel.


1a0e228119cc981ebe012ea9343d57b3 This Swirl from Pottery Barn is wonderful when combined with Medallion, below.


1585ee603e36f57246bdf91653c1cc7d Medallion from Pottery Barn.


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 1.17.01 PM Target does it again with Mudhut Ikat pattern: very fun..

Hope you have enjoyed this roundup as much as I did in putting it all together.
Is there any product, or trend, or them that you […]

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