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You never know what’s going to happen, do you?

One of my most favorite blogs, Room Remix, written by ‘PK’ has been taken off the web.

I can’t even show you any visuals at all from her blog; I haven’t been able to track down anything  on the web. I had just participated in her “Paint Party” here.

PK announced just a few days ago that she had finally decided to close down the blog. We don’t know why: that was her personal decision. But I, for one, just want to say that I miss her and I miss RoomRemix. Funny, this blog thing, you can feel so close to people, waiting to hear their latest news every day, commenting back and forth, doing small favors for each other on line, and sharing experiences. To those of you who follow me but are not bloggers….well, you just have to try and understand.

Anyway, PK if you read this, know that we are missing your presence.


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Today I’m joining the party over at Room Remix, one of my very favorite blogs! PK does a fabulous job of blogging…about all kinds of details of interiors.


She has been running a series, named “Paint”, this week, asking six different designers various questions about their use of paint in interiors. They have been very interesting questions and the answers are great to read for their variety. So, do go and take a look and I know you will learn something! It’s been great for me as just this week I’ve been looking at neutrals for our master bathroom. I have testers on the walls, but nothing seems right. Enter PK with her question: “What are three of your favorite neutrals?”. How perfect is that?

I’m waiting for my sample sheets to arrive tomorrow from Ben Moore!

You DO know about these color sheets, don’t you? Here’s the link. It’s a wonderfully efficient way to see a good size color swatch on your wall: you don’t have to buy dozens of sample pints and you don’t have to prime over your color swatches!

I’ve done several posts the past few months on our new house and the interior paint challenges I’ve been dealing with… So I thought I would review those here. Some of you […]


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Belle Inspiration e-magazine just might be your answer!

This magazine celebrates the French “Joie de Vivre”. 

“Belle Inspiration is your  rendez-vous with good taste and style.”  So, for all you Francophiles out there, and for anyone who wants something just a bit new, and romantic, and visual, and full of information, take a look. They’re even offering a two-for-one subscription for the Holidays!

Here’s a sneak peak at the newest Holiday edition: 


Belle Inspiration is brought to you by Mimi Bleue of Bonjour Romance.  I met Mimi in Paris last September at the “blogger meet-up” at Les Deux Magots. It was one of those rare opportunities to actually meet some of the bloggers with whom I have “talked”. Seems like ages ago now, but it was a special evening and Mimi and I had a short, but fun, talk!

Do go and take a look at her blog and at the e-magazine where I know you will find lots of inspiration and ideas.


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Seems I can’t think about much other than my upcoming trip to France!


My blogger friend Alice, of SimplyTheNest, just posted a great story of the drive she and her husband made down to Provence..Now, she lives in England, so this is possible! But she also has two adorable dogs who were to be included in this trip….so off went Alice, last winter, and got passports for the dogs! Yes, real live “dog” passports, which qualifies as one of the cutest but most sensible things I’ve ever seen!

Here are the two Jack Russells, Enrique and Miss Penny, showing off their new passports:


Read her story here, complete with driving do’s and don’ts and pictures of their trip.


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Remember Anabel from my give-away?

Anabel’s blog, and so I whisper, is a place you should definitely visit!

She was exhibiting her line of children’s clothes at Playtime, down on Mercer Street, in Soho. 

What fun, to really meet up with another blogger!







Her booth and some of her clothing designs:




It was a beautiful day in New York: cool, clear and crisp. Perfect day to wander downtown…





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It was 100F outside, and no, our house does NOT have central air.  So, why NOT “take to the kitchen” and start cooking for a dinner party? 

We were having one couple for dinner. But, you have to understand here, I don’t really cook any more. Oh, I make the standard fare: salads, lots of fish, corn on the cob, various pastas with a variety of sauces…that kind of thing. But I find, these days, I have too much to do to spend quality time in the kitchen.

So, this was going to be fun. Choosing what to make is always a treat. And this time, I knew exactly where to go for ideas: Lindaraxa’s Garden! This is a blog  (not your average blog!) written by a very old and dear friend of mine, Julieta Cadenas. Julieta has an unusual background: she and her family emigrated from Cuba in 1960 and no, she has not returned since.  We met in high school, then we didn’t see or talk to each other for many, many years(wouldn’t you just love to know how many…) and about two years ago we became friends again. What initially drew us together were our Westies! Westie lovers are a tight knit bunch.  My Westie, Sunday, still lives on in spirit, and Julieta’s Westie, Lucy, is very much alive and well and […]

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