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So much to do.
Do you feel that way?
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the “holiday” season for most of us and life gets very hectic and busy, causing anxiety and a general overload. Who agrees? In our house we have always tried to downplay these holidays. My birthday lands just before Thanksgiving and my husband’s is just after and yes, this can cause us additional angst. While I love to celebrate my day, he is just as happy to barely have it mentioned. No, I am not kidding. No mention of that day would probably be fine with him…but, of course, I just MUST mark the day in some small way. I remember when we met he was just turning 30 and his Mother had a birthday cake delivered to his apartment. Was he happy? Indeed not! So, I learned very early on to not make a big deal of the day…

To add to the potential “whirling dervish” syndrome, I have been enrolled in a fabulous, wonderful, enriching course given by Holly Becker of Decor8Blog. The course is:
“Blogging Your Way: Intention and Style”.

While I can’t go into details about the actual course (you will just have to enroll!), I will tell you all that I have learned […]


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Some changes over there on my sidebar!
Take a look.
I added a new app called Followgram.
 so you can see my latest Instagram photos! Click on one and you will go directly to it’s “page”. You can comment! 
Then, look just below and you can follow me on Instagram. To set up an account, get your phone or iPad, go to the App Store, search Instagram and set up an account. Or, if you don’t want to set up an account, you can stay here and see my photos on the blog.  My “name” is 
Scroll down……..
See the picture of me?
 Yes, I know, it’s becoming a bit dated. That was at Maison et Objet in Paris, two years ago. I’ll work on updating!
hmmmm: here’s a possibility, taken last year.

and then we have this great picture from the press story,
“From France to Fearrington”

I’ll look around for more!

But I’ve also added a very small bit of a bio just above. Not really a bio… more of a “latest news about” kind of thing, which I will update from time to time.

Keep going down….

I’ve added another “Popular Posts”: this one is the “Shopping at Furnitureland South” which has been wildly […]


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I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

I want to tell you what blogging has meant to me and what it has done for me.
More than anything else it is a community.  I never, ever imagined that there were so many people out there who liked the same kind of things and who were as design and color and detail oriented as I am. We really, truly speak the same language.
I work at home, alone. Many of us do.  Through blogging I have come to feel part of
a large community. I have made so many new and wonderful friends from all over the world. Occasionally I get to meet a new friend, in person, and I have yet to be disappointed. That moment of face to face meeting never fails to exceed my expectations. These are women to whom I feel a very deep connection.I know other bloggers out there who are reading this feel just the same way. We read and comment on each other’s blogs. Then we may take it a step further: we begin a dialogue through email. We become friends.

Along the way we discover we have this shared passion.

I have blogger friends who have helped me […]


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As many of you know, my blog had been on Typepad for several years. Happily, at first. Then, increasingly unhappily. Remember the header image?
This is one of the many reasons I switched (back) to Blogger:
on my sidebar was my “blog roll”. Now, take a look over to your right and scroll down a bit.  You can see some of the blogs I like and read and recommend. This list is constantly being updated and changed.  But you can also see when they last posted/updated. Even blogs using Typepad or WordPress show the last update. It’s very helpful! I can quickly look over the list and click through to any new post from all my blogger friends. In Typepad, below, there was no way to see that.

It’s all in the details, right? 
I’m also happy with Blogger because it’s SO much easier for me, a non-HTML person, to go in and change my sidebar items. 
Sorry all you non-bloggers who are reading this…I’ve gone a little techie here! Just had to let you all know.
Tell me, do YOU have any pet peeves with your blogging platform? Or something you particularly like?
Happy zinnias in my new pitcher, for Friday Flowers!


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Is there anyone out there from the Chicago area?


My friend and fellow blogger, Diana of FineDiving has opened a new resale shop in Lake Forest, Illinois. I’m not sure exactly how Diana and I met, but I have always loved the name of her blog! Yes, she “dives” for very fine things all around Chicago. And then she “repurposes” them. Check out her Etsy shop “Table for Eight”. Well, actually, she doesn’t have much in the shop at the moment….it’s all in her new store front shop: Lake Forest Resale Shop.








From children’s clothing and toys to Limoges china: they have it all!

Please…do go over and look around Diana’s blog. She has such good taste, and everything she has redone is really lovely. I NEED to have her come to my house and rework a few pieces!

And……..Diana has also written an e-book: “Secondhand Shabby”. Now, here is a really GOOD guide book to updating vintage pieces yourself.  In Diana’s words:

“So….I’m excited to introduce my downloadable Ebook, Secondhand Shabby: Ten projects for remaking thrift finds. Looking through the lens of the comfortable, perfectly imperfect style […]


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Look to the right and you will see a logo titled “Blogging Your Way”

CLICK ON IT AND YOU GO TO DECOR8. Go on up to the tab “E-course” and read all about it.

This is where I have been for almost four weeks!

Holly over at Decor8 offers this blogging mega-course several times a year. And the time was right for me, this time ’round. Fabulous, wonderful, insightful, energizing. I can’t say enough good things about it. But if you DO decide to take the course, be sure you can devote some time to it. Holly and Leslie of ACreativeMint, post sessions and homework assignments three times a week. They are always available for questions and comments. Homework is, of course, optional (I mean, we’re not in a for-credit-classroom kind of setting!) but well, well, worth doing. 

I have learned so much. I have met so many new friends. I have expanded my world.

Sorry, no visuals or insider tips: you’ll have to take the course!

And in June I will be revising my blog layout! Yes, I have had this on my mind for a long….time and now, after taking this course, I can’t possibly NOT do it. It’s time for a totally new look. But these things take time. I’m getting my new ideas together, making notes, looking around….and will […]

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