Finally…finally. It’s been months since the September event of the Chelsea Flower Show. It was the first time in the show’s history that it was held in the fall and, of course, this was due to Covid.

Many of us had cancelled and changed plans and for a while it seemed we would have to wait another entire year. But no! The September 2021 date was set; I made my reservations for ticket, flight, hotel and more.

The weather was perfect. Six days in London of perfect weather: can you imagine? All of Belgravia and Chelsea which are, generally speaking, the areas closest to the event, were decked out in their finest floristry. Nearly every shop had a floral display out front, in the front window, and inside. It was spectacular!



But wait, there’s more! My last night, as I approached the restaurant on Elizabeth Street, the crowds were all looking down the street and loud music was playing. It was a catwalk! Models leaving a shop across the street, sauntering down one side and back the other to the music. It was fabulous and energizing and one of those moments you only get to experience when you travel.


The Chelsea Flower Show week is back on schedule and will be held May 24-28, 2022.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

If you do decide to go, I have one major piece of advice:


I arrived at the main gate at 8:40 and it was busy, busy. But not crowded. I was able to get my bearings, pick up the catalog, map and complimentary shopping bag. I started down one main walkway and yes, right there was Monty Don casually chatting up Joe Swift. No cameras, no crowds.  I walked back that way at 11:30 and it was packed. There was no way I could have moved in to take that picture.


Around the show, on the periphery, are many, many booths of all sorts of vendors from artwork to ceramics to paper goods to garden supplies. I just loved it; it sort of reminded me of my trade show days at Javits and Atlanta!


As you can see in the video the Square and shops are a treat. I was alone and am glad I did that; I savoured each step. And, I took a chance and went to the show at  Saatchi Galleries. I was sure I wouldn’t get in: that you must have a preordered ticket, especially as this was deep in Covid days. But no, I walked right in. Another highlight of my trip.

They ARE having another Botanical Art & Photography Show this spring but, unfortunately, it is in April. Now, why did they do it that way???

This year, 2022, I will be there that week but am not going to the show. Next year?  We have many other wonderful things to do and time is always so short. And, of course, we then go up to Manchester to be with daughter and son-in-law!