It’s almost time to travel!

How exciting is that? Almost two years since many of us have REALLY traveled. The car trip: yes. Overseas travel: no.

It’s about to change! I go tomorrow for my pre-flight Covid test and, if all goes well, will board a plane from here to Atlanta and then to Heathrow.

Can you stand the excitement?

Where am I going you may ask?

To London and then to Manchester. While in London I will (of course) spend time at several art exhibits;  go to the V&A;  ride the Thames River boat down to Putney to see friends; and finally, on the last day, go to

The Chelsea Flower Show

I’ve wanted to do this for several years…had a ticket for last year (and we all know what happened to that) and finally when the show was postponed from May to September this year, 2021, it all became possible. So stay tuned and yes, I will be posting while I’m there. But even better, follow me on Instagram for daily travel photos. If you do not have the app, you can just go over to the right here and click on a photo in that IG grid. It will take you right to the IG app.

And… last but most importantly… I will finally get to see and stay in my daughter and husband’s new house in Manchester!!!  It’s been a long time coming, and we, like all of you, have been through so much but now it is possible to visit.  Two more Covid tests while I am there, mind you!

Thanks for following and hope to hear from you