It was time for another travel off we went to
Coastal North Carolina
No, not a beach, but Pamlico Sound and the historic towns of Washington, Bath and Belhaven.

Our room was right on the water (it was actually in a marina) so we had these gorgeous views:


Our adventures took place around these towns:


Let’s talk about the cotton fields. We had seen a bit of cotton grown on the way to Savannah and Charleston but NEVER anything on this scale.There were fields and fields, as far as the eye could see, filled with puffy white cotton balls. It was HOT out there. We stopped several times to get a closeup look at the plants, the bolls, and the process. I had never, ever really seen or known just how awful it would be to go out in those fields day after day. Back breaking and soul breaking work. Now, of course, it is all picked by machine. But I cannot imagine picking by hand: the plants and bolls are rough and ragged, the soil is parched and overgrown with weeds and the sun. Well, the heat and sun were almost unbearable to us after ten minutes out there.

Cotton fields

Just by these towns, if you look on the map above, is
Terra Ceia Farms

I have ordered from them for several years, then one of the three owner/brothers came to speak at my Garden Club, and it seemed like a perfect destination for a short trip.
Oh these Cannas! So so gorgeous.


I hope you will read the “About Us” on the website; it is a fascinating story of how and why this bulb and flower farm came to be in Coastal Carolina.


Here you can see the bulk boxes of bulbs, then they are handsorted into bags (no room for error!) and finally put into the waiting bins.


Another wonderful stop on our journey was to

Established in 1705, it is the oldest incorporated town in North Carolina. Not much doing here…except the wonderful water views, the very helpful visitor center, quiet roads and paths to walk, and many historic buildings all very well documented and immaculate.

Looking out at Bath Creek



We especially like St. Thomas Church. Built in 1734, it has a long and rich history and the interior was so lovely: dark mahogany and white pews against the original, slightly skewed, brick flooring. We hope to go back for a service on our next trip to the area.


And now, the best for last!
We had dinner two nights running in what just might be the best restaurant in Eastern North Carolina
Spoonriver Artworks & Market

How’s this for dramatic and fun lighting?

I am only sorry I didn’t take more pictures.
This place is FABULOUS.
The food, the staff, the owners, the decor, the artwork…just the best. It is, however, a bit off the beaten track but oh, so worth the trip. I highly recommend a trip, or a side trip, or a detour out here!!

Vanilla cream cheese pie with all the fixins’.


This sunset was for real: I only tweaked the contrast a bit.

Coastal Carolina: we will be back!