London in November: will it be cold? rainy? sunny?
It is anyone’s guess! So best to be prepared for any kind of weather, right?
I am very fortunate to be able to stay with my daughter in her flat: you know how that saves on the emergency sweater (sorry…jumper!) , hair dryer, lotions and potions etc.

Last year I was there in early October and every day was glorious! No rain at all. My day at Great Dixter was so beautiful. But this year, a month later, could be quite different.

The coat.

Nordstrom Rack 

I can’t believe how perfect this coat is! Perfect length. Zipper works very well but it also has snaps. The hood zips off but is great as is. Nice pockets. For $99.00 it is a definite WIN!

P.S. I ordered a Medium although I am usually a Small. Reviewers said it ran a bit small; the Medium is perfect.


How about a nice cozy sweater in tunic style? I love tunics of all kinds; I am not tall, measuring barely 5’4″, and I always feel a longer tunic makes me look a bit taller and just works well for my body type. And, most importantly, I feel good in them. They also look so great with any kind of leggings…my pant of choice!

This one is acrylic, nylon and wool. The neck is loose. The sleeves are not too long and are snug enough to not drag on a table or get into your food! The style of loose cuffs has me baffled: don’t they drag for other women? I guess I like more tailored and fitted details…

From Ann Taylor. I’ve really been liking their clothes for the last few years! I bought this in XS as I have with several other tops and am happy with them. This is the Ice Blue Heather.


Let’s talk about shoes, shall we? I have had those terrible problems with one of my feet but am now just about over it. Yay! It’s been almost one year and finally….. finally….I’m ok to wear “regular” shoes i.e. ballet flats. On occasion. Never if I have to walk far, mind you. So I still look for brands that specialize in a sort of orthotic insole and yet don’t look too dumpy and heavy! You may know Vionics. They are wonderful shoes with nice arch supports and very fashion forward. So I now have these:

It WAS a debate as to whether to go for another pair of shoes, or boots. I have my five year old Munro boots which I adore and are so comfortable, so why risk a new pair? These Vionics are perfect for plane and walking but, being suede, are not great if it rains. Thus the Munro boots.

I’ll try to do another post in the next few weeks with more ideas for travel: clothes, makeup and accessories. It’s endless, isn’t it? But oh so fun!