How do you feel about deviled eggs? Yes or no?

The term “deviled” was originally used in the States back in the mid 1800’s and referred to any food that was spicy. Over time, and certainly after WWII, the spice was dropped and the eggs became ubiquitous and popular everywhere. But there are, of course, many different ways of both preparing and serving them.

They are an absolute staple of Southern cooking and entertaining!

Living in the South for the past nine years I have certainly served my share of deviled eggs…and now have started to look for the plates made to serve them. No, I am not looking to make a huge collection;  a few fun and whimsical plates will do just fine.

When I spotted this cute plate at an antique store in Washington, N.C. a few days ago, I couldn’t resist!
How cute is this?

The next question might be: how do I like to make my eggs?

Split your eggs in half lengthwise (just in case you didn’t know this!)
I use Duke’s Mayonnaise: a Southern staple.
Mustard and sometimes chopped Cornichons.
Salt and pepper mixed in.



I always sprinkle some Paprika on the finished eggs. My Mother did it this way…so I do.


Cute, isn’t it?

I would also highly recommend that book shown in the top photo:
“Southern Appetizers: 60 Delectables for Gracious Get-Togethers”

It has so many great ideas for entertaining and just plain good eating!