This is one of my favorite places in London.

 And yes, if you are a long time follower here, I did a post about the Museum in this post.

The Garden Museum


The Garden Museum is a lovely, quiet oasis on the South Bank across the Lambeth Bridge and just a short way from Westminster. Its Cafe is excellent; I highly recommend it if you go. The Museum is actually the renovated and redesigned Church of St. Mary-at-Lambeth. The building/church was due for demolition in the 70’s and was rescued by Rosemary and John Nicholson. You can read all about it HERE.


Just a month ago I went to see the exhibition of Ivon Hitchens: The Painter in the Woods


And at the same time, an exhibition of  George Rowlett: Paintings of Sarah Price’s Garden


The Museum needs support and help from all of us.  A planning application for high rise…as in 28 stories.. luxury apartment building has been submitted for a very important (to the museum) property. If built, these towers would block almost all direct sunlight falling on the museum. This, of course, would affect all plant growth in all seasons, and not to mention how dark the entire place would be all the time.

Here is part of the email I received, as a member:


An Appeal: Save Our Sunlight

I have already signed and given. This is such an important space to so many people; it is so truly unique; once it’s gone…it’s gone. For those of you who are at all interested, just go to the link above to read more.
Thank you!
And when you are in London, I hope you will mark this as a “must see” place!