I talked about my search for comfortable walking shoes back in February
in this post.
I was, or so I thought, headed to London to spend a week with daughter and then see friends.
Not to be.
My foot problems were SO excruciating that I couldn’t possibly get on a plane, stand in any immigration line, take the Tube and stairs involved, or ENJOY MYSELF.

I did, however, get those wonderful Kurus:

These have got to be the most comfortable shoes ever, and are made for those with Plantar Fasciitis (which is what I have had for almost seven months now…. ) They are fabulous and I cannot recommend them enough. When worn with these inserts:

Available HERE


My next update is the OOFOS flip flops:

Oh my are these heavenly. I wear them every day, anywhere. I use them as slippers. I never, ever go barefoot but reach for these instead. The support is really quite amazing …

I have ordered and tried so many different shoes..and have come back to Vionics.
These are really comfortable, the leather is soft, the velcro at back is adjustable and maybe, just maybe, they will (sort of) take the place of ballet flats!



And (I’m  sure you’re dying to hear…) my Plantar Fasciitis is better! This is due mostly to a wonderful woman who was recommended to me who is a “Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.”  Yes, she has accomplished what no physical therapy, doctor, ice, stretching etc. was able to do. My Orthopedic doc had said I was among the 10% of his patients for whom traditional therapies do not work. Of course…..
To say I am happy and almost back to my “energizer bunny” status is an understatement.

So off we go to London in a few weeks. We will be in London, then in Penzance, then back to Cowes on Isle of Wight (where we were last summer) and finally back to London again.

I know these posts about specific shoes and my own problems may be a slight drag…but I’m sure some of you can benefit from my experiences. Let me know if you have any questions!