Have you tried to find just the right small, cross-body bag? It’s difficult!

I’ve used a cloth one for a few years. When do I use it? Well, when traveling I like to go out early in the morning to take pictures and to walk. But of course I want my iPhone with me, and probably keys, a license and some cash and a credit card. The necessaries.
But I do not want to be burdened with a large purse; and pockets are hard to come by.

Here is THE solution:

Find it on Amazon


It is, without doubt, the most perfect small cross-body bag out there! I had ordered from Anthro, from e-bags; I had looked at small stores at the mall; and had scoured Etsy. Who knew? Just go to Amazon and start a search!

The reviews were fabulous. Many people commented on the lovely, high-end packaging and I totally agree. From the handsome box to the fabric storage bag, this is quality.

And the price?$31.99. Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s available in nearly ten colors.


And this, y’all, is what I have been using for three years! Hmmm. Definitely needing updating but it was hard to find the right thing. Again, we are not talking about a real bag, as in to use all day around town. More of a deluxe iPhone case with storage. (These are no longer made.)


Then, of course, there is


Just so darn cute. And so many colors. And an add-on attached pouch.
But oh the price. And then, once you upgrade your phone and have an ever-so-slight size change, the case won’t work. So that was a no-no.

I am very very happy with this bag. It holds so much: phone, keys, comb, cards and cash, even a small wallet or change purse. But still it’s slim and sits nicely across the body.

Once again, HERE is the site. And let me know what you think!