Lots of small jobs around the garden this week: time to update the pots!

Looking great! But that was a month ago and now the pansies are brown and almost gone.

I had won (at a garden club dinner!) these two planters years ago and love them. For years they were sort of planter orphans: no home in the garden seemed right for them. But now they sit in the front entryway and are perfect. The pansies do well all winter: when it’s cold and icy the flowers shrivel up but give them a day of sun and some warmer temps and they flourish!

But, given that this is the hot Western side of our house, I have to be careful in summer. So this year I have filled them with Portulaca and Delosperma (Ice Flower); both are wonderful in hot, dry conditions! I added that one dark purple petunia…we shall see.


Another ‘to-do’ is to plant seeds. I don’t plant many seeds as I find they just do not do well for me. Last year a friend started some in his greenhouse for me (seeds brought back from England so they were very special!) but otherwise I avoid them. However, here I am, with Zinnia seeds brought back from Petersham Nursery in London. So…I put them in this big pot and have it outside. When the seedlings are 3-4″ high I will gently dig up and plant them in the garden. I somehow feel they have a better start when in a protected pot than right in the ground. How do you feel about this?


And lastly for today, it’s time to get your dahlia tubers out of storage. I had put mine in a box and left it in the garage. From time to time I go and spritz the tubers. Well, they did just fine! See the small red buds here?
These tubers are actually generations old: they come from my Mother’s house and my brother and I keep them going….he in Vermont and me in North Carolina!



Moving indoors and just above the sink are my succulents. They sort of happened by accident and now I’ve grown to love them! But this one, in the round white container was looking totally bedraggled and pathetic.


Do  I remember the names of what I bought as replacement? No. But I love this one below with the long, wispy flowers flowing out each side. But when you do plant succulents, be sure to have the right soil mixture handy. They definitely do NOT want thick soil or anything that will hold the water. I use a mix of cactus “soil” and vermiculite and have good success with it.

I certainly do not water often; perhaps every week or ten days? I don’t keep track. And then, be SURE not to overwater. They do not want their feet sitting in soggy soil.



Looks much neater and well groomed, no? And yes, that pretty white azalea snuck in there.

Here are some more in a bouquet I picked this morning:

Morning walks and flower gathering is one of my very favorite things to do: it’s quiet outside, it’s cool, the ground and plantings are moist, and you never know just what you will find. Follow this with choosing a vase or pitcher and the day has started in just the right way!

Next week I will show you my tulips for this year.  I can’t believe they are all over now: those few weeks of riotous color go too fast….