Do you know about the Clarisonic products?
Do you use them?

What is it?
The entire line consists of various kinds of facial cleansing brushes.  You buy the brush and then add the appropriate brush head…for your skin type or problems. You can buy more than one brush head: they are interchangeable.
There are about six different brushes to choose from: the very simplest with one speed to a brush with two speeds and then a travel model.

I became a total convert about six months ago! I had thought this was just one product I did NOT need!!
Not so fast… They were having a big sale before Christmas so once again I took a look.

My skin aesthetic center had always recommended the line so I called and asked them exactly which model brush and brush head would be best. My skin is not bad, but it is aging! Indeed. Thus the reason I go to a skin aesthetic center from time to time. Ask me about this if you want more information: maybe, someday, I will reveal what I have done from time to time.

I bought the basic model: the MIA PRIMA



It has just one speed which is fine with me. It has a cord to recharge overnight: I have found that one charge lasts about two months as I use it for about two minutes every night.

Do you see the round light on the handle? That is indicating to me that it needs recharging. This is the brush head that came with the brush but I’ve never tried it, opting always for the recommended “Cashmere.”


Here it is with my favorite liquid cleanser

What does it do, exactly? The brush goes round and round as you move it all over your face.  Wet your face, put a little cleanser on the brush, and swirl it around and all over your face. It exfoliates, cleans and sort of polishes the skin. You will be amazed at how “dirty” the brush is from, in my case, makeup worn all day. But I am sure, whether you wear makeup or not (really? you don’t?) you will see a dirty brush. It cleans easily in fresh water. Anyway, rinse your skin well and apply moisturizer.

So, which brush head to buy? My aesthetic center explained that the longer the bristles and the softer, the better for aging skin. So I bought the softest brush head available: the “Cashmere.”  As you can see the bristles are fairly long. They are so soft and feel wonderful on the skin: it is not, in the least, abrasive or rough. I don’t know how some of the other brush heads would feel; for now, this is all I need and want.

The one item that Clarisonic does not seem to supply, or offer, is a holder for the brush! So I looked around and came up with this perfect and simple holder found on Etsy.

Sorry for the less-than-perfect image! The lighting was awful today in our bathroom…

I would love to hear if you have used one of these! Have you?  I really did not think I would ever want/need/use this “gimmicky” product…but oh how wrong I was. I highly recommend!