Coastal South Carolina, or the Low Country, is a lovely part of the Southeastern United States. For years, when we lived up North, we longed to explore this entire area. And now we live just a few hours away!

The Spanish Moss is alive and well:

spanish moss in Beaufort SC

One of our very favorite places is Beaufort, South Carolina.
Just to get you in the mood of this place….here is a short video I took early one morning.
Be sure to turn up the volume to hear the birds!


We stay at
City Loft Hotel
which is right in town and perfect for exploring (they have bikes) and close to so many good restaurants and shopping!


So many flowers at this time of year:


There is nothing quite like life at the beach, right? We spent a day at each of these:

Hunting Island State Park
Edisto Island 

Beaufort SC Beach

The wooden boardwalk through the marshes was fabulous: so peaceful and quiet and we certainly hit just the right time of year. It was warm but not too hot; very low humidity (although my hair was still going for the frizz look!) and a slight breeze.


We went to explore
Old Sheldon Church Ruins


It is an eerie, strange sort of place: way out in the woods and yet this was, centuries ago, a large church with probably a large congregation. There are still many graves here and one suspects many more hidden beneath the ground and unmarked.  The church was first built around 1750 and then burned by the British in 1779; rebuilt and then burned again, some say, by Sherman’s Army in 1865. But another theory is that it was pillaged and destroyed by local freemen after 1865 for the valuable building supplies it offered and which were at that point very scarce.

If you want any specific information, please do contact me. And take a look at my Instagram feed for more images. We hope to go back in June for a slightly different itinerary, so check back then for more fun wanderings.