Container gardening is one of the things I love most about gardening.

 I love the colors and textures (surprise, surprise, right?)

Containers can, sometimes, be the only way to garden in a difficult spot. We have a Japanese Maple in our terrace garden that totally prevents me from digging into the ground below it. Containers to the rescue!

They add dimension to certain spaces. The tall green one below forms an end point in one garden and raises the eye a bit.

I’ve always liked containers by a front entrance. In my case, we have brick steps leading to a brick porch area with the front door. What a perfect place for containers. The only problem here is it faces directly west with that very hot afternoon sun so I have to be very careful with what plants will survive. Succulents have, over the years here, been the best choice.


containers in my garden

Here is a photo I had put into Instagram back in February. You can see what was, to my eye, pure garden candy! Oh the colors. So, of course, I went back and bought that orange one you see at beginning of this post. Do I love it? You bet.

This is a BIG pot. So how to fill it without it weighing a ton? I refer you to a
long-ago post I did.

Ups-A-Daisy is a wonderful product that has, thankfully, become more available. I know that Lowe’s carries it. But I recommend you go directly to the manufacturer:
Shop Small, people!


It is, truly, one of the best garden gadgets out there. It makes large pots easy to handle because you do not need all that soil in there! There is a size for (almost) every pot and recently they added the square shape. I just bought a 17″ insert for that large orange pot.

So…how do you feel about using containers in your garden?