So many books, so little time!

I am not a big fan of audio books and have resisted Audible for years. However, yes, I succumbed to the audio version of:


Her voice is lovely. And her story so compelling. I have enjoyed each and every minute. I’m sure many of you have read/are reading this but I urge all of you to make time for it!


So many people have recommended reading anything by
Jodi Picoult
and I have finally done so!
This was my first and I will most definitely be reading more.
This controversial topic with the actual setting of an abortion clinic, is told from many different perspectives and actually works backward in time. It is absolutely riveting and compelling, no matter your opinion about this topic. I highly recommend.

I read it during my last long flight to London: a perfect sit-down-for-hours book.



Author Serena Kent is actually the husband/wife team of Deborah Lawrenson and her husband Robert Rees. I have posted previously about Deborah and one of her eight books:
The Sea Garden

This “Serena Kent” mystery is set in Provence, a place and its people the authors know well. It’s a quirky mystery and one we are told is “Penelope Kite Book 1.”  So if you like this one…well…there are more on the way. It features a British ex-pat, Penelope, who has bought a house in a small village in Provence. We’ve heard this story before, right? Well, this one takes many twists and turns for an unexpected finale.


Who knew libraries and librarians could be so interesting?
I loved this book!
While it is all about libraries in general, it is really the story of the Los Angeles Central Library fire of 1986. The author tries to unravel the mystery of who, or if anyone did, actually started the fire. But in so doing she tells us the history of libraries in this country, their evolution from simply a book repository to a central “place” in the social fabric of towns and cities around the country.

That’s it for my reading of the last few weeks; would love to hear your opinions of any of these books. Or if you have any to suggest to all of us?