It’s been quite a while since I have posted a

The time has come to introduce you to

Here is the Starter box you get with all three bottles. This time I used Essie “Geranium” for my color.

I was on vacation last summer and went to a lovely spa for a manicure. This new-to-me nail system is now my #1 and only nail product I use.
I have dry skin which translates to dry nails and cuticles. Polish just never, ever lasts more than about five days…at best. It chips so easily no matter what kind of base, brand of polish, or top coat I use. And no, in case you ask, I cannot use any kind of synthetic i.e. acrylic nails as I am allergic to them.

It was a never ending problem.


This is amazing stuff! There is an entire protocol and sequence to using this.

1. First, on dry, clean nails you rub on, with cotton pad, the Nail Prep.

2. Brush on a generous coat of Base. Be sure to, as they instruct, “encapsulate” the nail by brushing the end/edge of each nail.

3. Allow this to dry THOROUGHLY.

4. Brush on two coats of polish: the first one thinly and the second generously.

5. Brush on a generous top coat.

It will be totally dry in FIVE minutes! I guarantee. And it is rock hard.

This is after eight days…and yes, ignore my rather not so great looking knuckles and skin! I have dry skin: what can I say?

But the best part is how long it lasts. I have worn polish for up to 10 days and yes, it begins to look “old” and scraggly but the polish has not chipped or peeled. I am continually amazed!

I have used their colors but I also use my own Essie colors. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. However, their line does have a really good color selection.

Their site is currently being updated to show salons around the country that use this system: so check back for the update…but there are not many. So my advice is to buy a starter kit for yourself and either do it yourself or take to your local manicure person to use on your nails.  I actually do both but now my “home manicure” lasts just about as long as the salon.

Do you know Dazzle Dry? Have you ever used it? We would all love to know your experience!