So, Libby, where in the world have you been?

It’s been ages. How many weeks? I just checked: eight weeks since I posted here.

What shall I say?

The major reason I have been absent is/was due to surgery. No big deal. Well, the actual surgery site was no big thing…but yes, it has been a long haul. I had hand surgery. Thank goodness it was my left hand but, unfortunately for me, I can feel the same thing just starting in my right…  Without going into details (do you really want to hear?)

See, I knew you didn’t really want to hear all about it! This was on a GOOD day when I was feeling calm…

I shall say that after three different casts I now have a removable plastic and velcro splint. And I spend many, many minutes each day doing therapy. Right now it is for dexterity but in a few weeks I will “graduate” to strength training.

So this is fun!  I think, when all is said and done, I will have missed almost four months of weight training at the gym. Not good.

What is happening in my neighborhood?
The holidays are over and most of my shipping for my Etsy shop is also over! It was very tough mailing out packages using just one hand. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But the weather around here has been just delightful. Today we were out gardening and yes, there are the smallest hints of green just poking through in the gardens!



Last but certainly not least: the Hellebores are coming!

This is “Anna’s Red” which I bought two years ago and has grown, and flowered, nicely.

Hello to everyone out there and thank you all for being so patient!