Yes, London is calling me and this is why:


Portobello Road

You may or may not know this…but for those of you who do not: well, yes, she moved about a month ago. Many, many months of preparation but it’s all worked out beautifully!!! That’s my girl.

She is in graduate school at University of Westminster, right in London, and has an apartment flat in a lovely neighborhood. 

And this is part of what she’s studying:

Last Thursday she had her first full day of meetings, classes, orientation etc. and this was what she posted to me on What’sApp:
“I have homework. Like, library research. With citations. Goodness. I thought I was here to shop and travel!!!”

Don’t worry, we all know what she is REALLY there for and all will be good!

Anyway, I am going over for a few weeks to stay with her. Which is kind of the point of this entire post! And, of course, I can’t wait.

I will see many friends: already have five days blocked out for meetups which will include lunch, photo walks, going to Covent Garden, Petersham Nurseries and a photo walk by the Thames in Richmond, Sky Garden and Kew Gardens and yes, taking the Eurostar to Paris for the night.

But I also want to tell you of a few new goodies I have bought for this trip and beyond.

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers trainers:
    Converse sneakers

    To buy at Zappos

    I test drive my shoes for hours and hours inside the house. I wore these for six hours, two days in a row and then bit the bullet and wore them out to do errands. I love them! They DO need a liner as that elastic heel can rub, but otherwise no problems.

  • The very trendy Quip Toothbrush

You have probably seen the endless ads for this toothbrush. Yes, I fell for it. It does get negative reviews, mostly that it is not really effective as an “electric” toothbrush and is expensive. I agree with the latter. As to its effectiveness: well, it seems to me that any toothbrush is as effective as the user makes it.

Truth be told, I bought this for #1 the trendy style, colors and design and #2 as a travel toothbrush alternative. I hate being without my electric brush for more than a few nights. I tried taking a battery operated brush on one trip and well….I left the battery in it, it went off inside my checked suitcase, and end of battery!

With this brush, the battery is deep inside that handle, the sleek tube you see there becomes a cover, and yes, it is very COOL! I bought the copper color (in case you are interested.)

I have a few more items I will show you after I have tested them: nothing like those overnight flights to REALLY test some of the things we buy, right?

And, it’s so much cooler there than here. Hmmm. So, of course, we have the packing conundrum. Where I live it is still summer time; in fact, I’ve been swimming outdoors every day. But oh how nice to not have the grinding humidity …or at least for a while.

Once again, you can follow me best on Instagram. But not for another week, y’all!