My skin care regimen doesn’t really change for the summer…but I do have some new products I’ve come across and wanted to share.

I’ve always used a mild soap, morning and night, on my face. I don’t use a cleanser of any kind. The soap I am loving now, and have been using for almost a year, is
Avene Trixera Nutri-Fluid Cleanser

It’s light, has a subtle scent, washes easily and is great for dry or irritated skin. The aesthetic center I go to had first recommended it after laser treatment..and I love it. A bottle lasts me for about six months; I put some in a small bottle for travel.


Another fabulous new (to me) product is
Restorsea PRO Intensive Hand Treatment

I went to a luncheon to hear the founder of this company talk about her products. Now, I know…this is a total promotional deal. However, I have now gone through two tubes of this and it is FABULOUS.  I use it on back of my hands 3x/day. But…I asked her, at the end of the seminar, about my chest. (Actually, of course, I showed her!)  Lots of sun damage and small bumps and just YUCK.   I had thought of laser treatments.  No, said she, try this cream. A minimum of 3x day, more if I can. The point is to keep the skin totally immersed in this stuff. Well, let me tell you that after one month I most definitely saw improvement. She had said that you really have to wait 3 full months to see a difference no matter what product you’re using. Anyway, it’s been 5 months now and I am totally committed to using this. My hands, by the way, have never felt softer or looked better (we’re talking aging skin here…..)



For most of us the summer means hot weather; for me, here in central North Carolina, it means hot AND humid. So, of course, that means frizzy hair.

I am a fan of Bumble & Bumble products. Do you know them? I’ve used this conditioner for years and think it’s the best.

Bb Super Rich Conditioner

My newest discovery, thanks to my very talented hair colorist, is this
Bb Save The Day Daytime Protection

I swim every day and the chlorine was doing a very nasty job on my hair: both color and texture were horrendous. I didn’t really know the harm it can do until I showed up for hair color and Heather almost had a fit! So…now I wear a bathing cap (yes, really cute…) after putting swim guard goop all over my hair. Quite a process.

But afterward. Well, it’s delicious. This product goes into my freshly washed and combed hair before I blow dry. What a difference! It’s the best.

Let me know if you have comments or have used any of these products.
Hope you are all having a good summer: it’s flying by much too fast!