This is one definition of quirky:

 “…unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way. ”
So, yes, the following random items are sort of quirky; they are interesting and appealing to me, and just maybe to you. Read on to discover a few of my own interesting likes about travel to England……



#1.      Of course, you guessed it…tea!  It’s nice to not be considered weird for asking for tea instead of coffee. Everyone drinks tea. And the tea is, generally, very good and much stronger than any ordinary cup served here in the States.

I discovered this a few trips ago and now buy this box of 100 bags on each trip. While I never use bags here at home, these are different. Strong, strong….

Take a look at the UK site for Twinings: quite a different variety than what is sold here in the States. If you’re really desperate, let me know: I’m going over in October!



2.  My next “Like” of things in England? Well, guess what, it’s the bathrooms. Yep. Every single bathroom I used, whether in a high end hotel or restaurant, or an ordinary pub, or even a train station was… convenient, immaculate, each toilet in a private (as in walls down to the floor) room, some had wonderful hardware and handles, lovely brand-name soap dispenser AND lotion, the latest Dyson hand dryer, soft kleenex and hand towels, and many had beautiful tile floors and walls.

Yes indeed, they do bathrooms well over there!


3.  Hair dryers.  So, this is a personal list… and I must include this item! I always take my own hair dryer as I need a “concentrator”: you know, that extra piece that goes on the end of the dryer to focus air where you need it. I need that in order to pull my hair and thus straighten it. I don’t think I have EVER seen one in any hotel in the States. France is terrible: oh those horrid wall dryers with the plastic tubing. But in England? I’ve stayed in what? six different hotels in the last year and each one has the best dryer with concentrator. For me, it is amazing….

This is the exact same brand and style in the room at North House Cowes and was maybe the best dryer I have ever used. So I looked it up and this particular model is only for use in the U.S. It seems to be, from the pictures and description, the exact same. Yes, it is expensive: more than I’ve ever paid for a hair dryer. But I’m going to go for it and will let you know.


There were others, but perhaps they are just a bit TOO quirky for a post. As I said, I am going again in October and will certainly come up with other “Likes.”

I will leave you with one last note: I will NOT be posting much for the remainder of the summer. Life is busy here: my volunteer position within our community is a lot of work and time; I’m spending a lot more time swimming laps and being outdoors; my Etsy shop needs attention; I am designing new products for the Fall shows where I will be exhibiting; and of course there is some new travel involved.  If you subscribe then you will get any and all new posts delivered to your inbox.

Let me know if you have any questions!