Is this possible? Can a woman of a certain age find a stylish, contemporary, fashionable shoe that is also comfortable?
By the time you reach my age… six decades…almost everyone has some sort of foot problem!

The search started with this yummy pair of wedge sandals:


Somehow I kind of fell in love with them! A little dressy, straps not too thin, nothing climbing up the ankle (!) , solid hemp sole and great, versatile color.

 Out of stock 😥😥   So time to move on and get serious with more shopping, right?

Let me show you a few alternatives and what I finally ended up with.

I like these…a lot…but they were a bit too sporty for what I wanted.


Yes…BUT…. again too sporty and just not really stylish.



I like these. A bit ’70’s ish? I think I had a similar pair back in the day. But a nice look!


Great looking and probably very comfortable. But again, too sporty.


And this is what I ordered. I looked again at Soludos, contacted their Customer Service (very efficient..) and found I could order these. I wanted the more neutral “Ash” color, but these are also so pretty and will do just fine. Says they run large, so I ordered down. Here’s hoping!


And then, in returning a pair to DSW (can’t remember the make) I browsed the aisles and found these:


In all my searching on line I was surprised that “Wedges” is always a separate category. I guess I hadn’t realized just what a micro “trend” they are. But most of the heels are close to 3″ high which is MUCH too high for me. The navy Radleys above were a complete bonus surprise and are SO comfortable! My DSW only had the navy and red, but there are several other colors. They run true to size.

Any comments about Wedges, or shoe shopping in general?