Let’s continue with a short tour of things to do and see, restaurants to recommend, and shops to visit..
in Savannah.

As you may or may not know, the American South is home to some of the best barbecue anywhere! Now, I’m not really a huge fan although I will certainly eat it. And I do not do SPICY food at all. Given those limitations, we found THE PLACE for really, really fine barbecue.

Sandfly Streamliner BBQ

Located downtown in an old diner car, it is fabulous. The BBQ is tender, the coleslaw some of the best I have ever had. We went back for ribs another night and they too were out of this world good!!

Restaurant #2 on our list:

Atlantic Savannah


You know it was love at first sight, with these orange chairs out front!

Housed in a renovated gas station, this is a cool place. The menu is mostly small plates which I really appreciate; waiter was very helpful; people mostly a local crowd.

And finally, #3:

Local 11ten|Perch

With the setting sun just on the horizon, this rooftop bar, Perch, was idyllic. And, lucky for us, it was not crowded at all. Dinner in the main dining room was lovely, if a bit pricey, but one main course was plenty to share (which we often do.) Service was impeccable; we walked easily from our place a few blocks away.


One shop you MUST visit is
The Paris Market

It has (in my opinion..) overpriced but oh so lovely home furnishings, and many very unique gift items made just for this store. In any case, I am sure you will find something to buy!
Click over to SAVANNAH PART II for another post I had done a few years ago which describes a visit to this emporium with many images.

I did buy this very unique flower holder; I hesitate to call it a vase as it doesn’t quite fit that category. It is partly just a colorful home accessory! It has been in constant use since we got home: so easy to fill with bits and bobs of flowers! And, of course, you notice the orange in there…


One last short slideshow of city views:

Hope you have enjoyed the tour!