I am certain MANY of you are familiar with Monty Don, the British gardening guru, garden writer and yes…television personality.
When did I “meet” him? It must have been after my first garden visit to England, after visiting Sissinghurst, that I totally fell in love with all things that combined both British and gardens!

I have spoken about him in a fairly recent post.

If you are NOT familiar with him then you are in for a treat. His weekly television series, “Gardeners’ World,” is broadcast in England each week during the season. But it was almost impossible to view outside the UK: something to do with licensing rights from the BBC. After watching one full season, and several of Monty’s specials, I (and so many others!) was suddenly deprived. And so it went for about two years. Until this year. Now, my friends, you too can watch and enjoy any of the programs. They are all accessible on YouTube and also on Britbox if you are a subscriber (I recommend it!)

 Here is one of the latest episodes.  This one has a section all about Hellebores which I know many of you grow and love.
But click on over to YouTube to see all that is available.

I love his travel videos: France, Italy, South Africa. They are all wonderful: both educational and so entertaining with this master.
I love the dogs.
But I always wonder just how he can garden with no gloves..ever! Really hard on the hands…

Take a look at the video above and you will be a fan. Promise!