Time to show you some flowers, gardens, a museum dedicated to gardening, and of course, lots of color. I am talking about my trip to London!

The Garden Museum

I had wanted to go there last summer but it was closed on Monday (oh no…) and the year before it had been closed for an extensive renovation. But finally, my time had come.
The Museum is located just next to Lambeth Palace, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In fact, the Museum had been the chapel for the Palace. In the 70’s it was about to be torn down (can you believe it?) for a parking lot. Thanks to many dedicated donors, the church was deconsecrated and renovation began for the Museum.




I love love love their graphics. Really, these are stunning and so perfect for a garden venue of any sort:

(Those little buttons are from the V&A and you will  be seeing them again !)


This is the current exhibit: John Brookes.
Highly recommend if you are in the area!

Next stop on the London tour:

How about these beautiful, colorful doors? I went for photo walks in various neighborhoods and always found such colorful, fun doors. Everywhere.
I have door color envy: we live in an HOA where our front doors must be a certain color (ok…we have three to choose from!) so I love the idea of choosing say, a periwinkle blue!

The flower vendors all over the city have the most gorgeous selections; not only the flowers, but the presentation is wonderful. Here is a stunning one, on a side street in Notting Hill:


And on a personal note, here we are after a “ladies lunch.” On the left is my daughter, me, then Julie and her daughter, Rebecca.  Julie, if you will recall, is the friend I visited four years ago in their house in Suffolk.  Julie and I met totally through our blogs! And we have since become very good friends. We thought it might be nice if the young ladies also met…so we went to
Thomas’s at Burberry 
We would all highly recommend this very nice restaurant just off Regent St…..and also in the heart of some very fine shopping!

I’ll be back with more about our trip, some fun images of Liberty, one or two restaurant recommendations etc. So check back!