Are you running out of space to keep plants indoors? Or, do you want a compact and space saving way to keep smaller plants outdoors?

Look no further! Plant stands have come a long……way since the mid-century days of your Mothers and Grandmothers! Now, don’t get me wrong: I love those vintage plant stands with metal curlycue feet and maybe painted a pale, dusky yellow. They have their time and place.

But I’m also seeing SO many wonderful contemporary plant stands, many made with sustainable wood and lots of new design ideas.

Let me show you my favorites and why:

I love this! The zinc is so good looking. The tray is removable. The stand is light and not bulky at all; it would fit anywhere. And with green foliage, it looks fantastic. Also comes in a variety of shape trays.  Buy it HERE


This is one versatile and wonderful way to have plants indoors or outdoors. I love that you can actually put soil in the tray and grow your plants right there. Or, you can put pots in it. And for all the succulent lovers out there…isn’t this great?   See it HERE



Here’s one in iron that comes in three sizes. It will eventually rust if left outdoors, so beware. Again, the tray is portable.  Buy it HERE


This is more of a classic look, but the bird on top and the branches make it a fun, sort of quirky, way to display plants. I have corners in my dining area where this would be just perfect!  Find it HERE


Oh yes, indeed, I love this “faux” copper planter. Again, plant directly inside or puts pots in this. I’m thinking that a variety of spring bulbs, bought in pots and then transplanted and mixed, would be a lovely way to get a jump on spring! Buy it Here


And a great looking wood top with iron base stand; this one comes in three different heights. Find it HERE



I like these…which can also be used as a side table!   Buy them HERE


And last but not least, a very reasonably priced but really nice stand. I’m even thinking this could easily be spray painted some bright color!   IKEA


Do you use plant stands, either indoors or outside?
My gardening season has started… I was outside early this morning, cleaning several beds and, you know what, just staring at some of the seedlings emerging, amazed at the yearly rituals. My hydrangeas, planted last October when I redid one entire bed, are showing green leaves. The poppy seeds, planted in December, have emerged. Thus begins the most glorious (to me) time of the year!