Let’s start off the New Year from the inside out!

I’m talking about “under pinnings!”  To be specific: bras and camisoles. I’ve been looking for, and trying out, non-underwire bras. This has been a multi year research project!

And the winner is:   COOBIE

Seriously, this has got to be the MOST comfortable bra ever. No wires, no hooks, nothing fussy here. If you’re looking for a lacy, sexy bra you will not be interested…but if you are looking for comfort and are tired of those wires, then explore the site. I have this most basic style and love it. All bras have pads that slip out on the side. I take them out when I wash the bra but I am guessing you could leave them in. Replacement pads are available.

Colors? Well, they come in almost any color imagineable:

This basic size fits a 32A to 36D…really!  Well, no, I don’t know for sure as I am a 34A/B and this fits beautifully. But there are so many other styles: v-neck lace, lace back, lace coverage etc etc. Take a look.

And then there are full sizes: 38D-42D. So there is something for everyone.

I also have tried their Coobie Thin Strap Camisole. I love the colors. And the fabric is probably the softest of any camisole I own. I wear a camisole just about every day, all year, under any and everything so I have about 10-12 of them. I own all different kinds but this is, by far, my favorite! It’s plenty long, has lots of stretch, the straps never slide down and my favorite color is the Periwinkle.


Last, but not least, are their leggings. These are dreamy soft. No, they are not heavy enough to wear alone…in my opinion…but perfect under a dress or skirt. I have the lace trim in Charcoal.

Coobie Seamless Leggings with Lace Trim


Are you convinced? They are also having a New Year’s sale:

So….get yourself over to their site, order up, and let us know what you think.

Happy New Year to all my loyal and wonderful readers!!!