It’s deep winter and not much is happening in the garden.
Now, that’s not a surprise to you, is it?

How do you feel about the extended break from being out in the garden? I’ve been wondering how others feel about this and how, and what, you do in this “down” time. I know, there are seed catalogs arriving almost every day. And there are gorgeous magazines to pour over and pick up ideas and advice. You can sketch out a new garden or how you might redo a certain area.

And yet….it IS a time when you can feel in limbo. Do you feel a kind of relief that no, you don’t have to be out there every day and can spend the time doing other things? Do you feel these few months are a sort of gift?

Or, do you feel bored and ready to get on with it? Are you getting kind of restless with nothing to do?

Meanwhile, just after I started writing this post, THE SNOW EVENT came to my area! We measured 9″ on our terrace. Really, it was as though we had gone back up North to the Hudson Valley! We even have the very same snow shovel we used there for years (and thought we would never use again…ha…)



Yours truly after shoveling snow followed by a walk in the park where it was magical and quiet.

Back to the subject at hand:

One of the things I love about being out in the garden is the early morning time. I am a morning person, especially when it is light so early. I love getting up before six AM, quickly getting dressed in long pants, long sleeves and hat and heading outside. The day is new. The heat is minimal. Not many people are out and about. It’s just about the best time ever. And in the winter I miss that; I miss the morning and I miss that quiet, sunny, meditative time.

But, of course, I know it will come again. In the meantime I get up a little later when it’s still almost dark, and head to the gym. Hmmmm….not quite the same, but it will do!

Back to my question for all you gardeners out there: how do YOU feel about the winter break?