What do you think of when I say “small plates?” Just how small is small?

I am thinking of 6″-7″ diameter!

These are not generally called “Dessert” or “Salad” plates as those are about 8″. So, having researched this a bit I now realize they are classified as “Canapé” or “Appetizer” plates. And most are 6.25″ diameter.

Why am I searching for these you may ask. We use them almost every day! They are perfect for a piece of toast in the morning. Or a leftover piece of quiche warmed up in the microwave. Or a few cookies for afternoon tea. In general it seems they are a perfect alternative to the more standard, and larger, dessert/salad plate.

This is what I want to replace:

Boring does not quite describe these! Utilitarian, yes. Indestructible, yes. Interesting..no, no.

Here are some of the alternatives I have found. These are the brighter, more colorful choices. I thought you, too, just might be curious as to what is out there in the market place:


 These are perhaps a bit more high end; almost all are solid color and several are from Etsy.


Just which set is “mine?”
I am loving these cute plates from the
Jacques Pépin Collection for SurLaTable!
Very “breakfast” and perfect for my daily toast, don’t you think?
They are a little larger than most of the others, measuring a 7.25″ diameter. But I can live with that. And maybe I need to add to the collection with other pieces, right?


Let us know your thoughts!

P.S.   To my subscribers: I have had problems with the system I use to send out the Blog Post Updates as regularly scheduled. Sorry that this one was late today!