Saturday was the last of three consecutive events at
Carolina Inn Holiday Market

The sun was shining brightly (VERY brightly and directly on my booth and me!) for the first hour.
This is where it took place:

All set with lots of goods:


Not great pictures…but you get the idea!
There was LOTS of traffic: all ages, some just looking and many buying. The Inn is a very important part of the life of Chapel Hill and especially on a Saturday evening is very, very busy. I was honored to be accepted here as a vendor.


See that little white something front and center up on the roof/overhang? There were snow “machines” that sent out snow all over the market to make it even more festive!

Here is a neighboring booth with some snow!

It was a gorgeous sunset!


That’s it until after Christmas. Now that the markets are over I must focus on gifts, buying a tree (no, we have not done that yet) and some cooking! Hope you all have a lovely Holiday.