There are so many products out there to help keep us, and our house, clean.
How to decide which to use?

Let me give you some suggestions!

My Number One suggestion and recommendation is
Savon de Marseille

You may have seen these square blocks of soap either on a trip to France, or in certain stores. Traditionally this soap has been used for personal washing. Well, for me it is my go to soap for laundry. Have a spot on a washable fabric? Wine, berries, grease, coffee…. you name it, it comes out with this wonderful time-tested chunk of soap. Wet the fabric, rub the block of soap over the stain, rub in with your fingers a bit. Let it sit a while if necessary. If the spot is not entirely gone, repeat. Then put in the washer as usual.

It’s almost magic! Stains are gone.

The soap has been used in France (where it is made) to get rust stains out of old linens. It helps restore antique fabrics in a way that whiteners just cannot do. If you want to soak a large piece try shaving the block of soap and mix the shavings in water, then add the fabric to soak.

I also use mine to get spots out of our Dash and Albert cotton woven runner in the kitchen. These are great area rugs but, of course, being in the kitchen they do get spots. I rub in a bit of the soap with warm water, using a small scrub brush. I do a sort of “spot clean” all over  the rug. Put it into the washer with just a little soap and cold water wash. Line dry. It will look like new: I promise!

my now very small block of soap in the dish by the laundry sink!


Another great line of products I can recommend is
The Laundress

The product I love best is this
All-Purpose Bleach Alternative
I never, ever use Clorox bleach on clothes but use this all the time. It’s made without chemical chlorine bleach and yet it will whiten clothes, sheets, towels beautifully. I soak sheets and pillow covers overnight in the washer with several capfuls of this powder, then drain, refill the washer and wash as usual. It works every time to make linens bright again.

The Laundress is offering any of you a 10% discount coupon on any product!
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Have you tried either of these products? We would love to hear!