Time for some travel!

We took a break from the heat here to travel to coastal Maine. And yes, it was lovely. Cool nights, delightful days of sun and lobster rolls (I managed to have one for five days running..) , a sunset cruise and lots of exploring.
I wondered how to show you all that we saw as I have SO many pictures…and realized the best way is through slide shows. So I have made three slide shows here: take your time and enjoy them!

We made certain to reserve two places on a sunset cruise on
The Guildive
This was really special. For two lovely hours we cruised the waters near Castine, learned so many new things about the area, and were free to roam the boat and just sit up forward and watch the water, the fog, the seals and the islands. If you are in the area, I highly recommend this trip. We also chose the “sunset cruise” as we didn’t want to be out in the hot, reflective sun in mid-day, and we were very happy with our decision. As you can see, the fog did roll in a few minutes after we boarded, thus no gorgeous sunset shots…a small price to pay for a wonderful evening.


We drove over to Stonington, Maine to the
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 

They do offer guided tours once a week which we missed, but just the walk down the wooden stairs to the fogged in water front was enough to make the trip worth it. Spectacular. The entire setting, deep in the woods and built on and around huge rock formations, was an experience not to miss.


What post would be complete without some flowers? There were gorgeous flowers in so many gardens, along the roads, and in the coves where we would stop and explore. Even the flower boxes were exceptional.

We stayed at
The Castine Inn
right in the center of town. They serve a very nice breakfast, our room overlooked the harbor and had a separate seating area, and the staff could not have been more helpful.

And yes, I really did manage to have a lobster roll each day, trying them at all the stands and restaurants we went to! They DO vary. One of the nicest restaurants we went to actually had the least tasty lobster roll. Lovely presentation and setting, but it lacked much taste. On the other hand, a small “shack” served one of the best. You just never know.

So now we’re back home for a while. And, to all of you receiving this via subscription email, I hope it goes out on time. I am still having problems….but you will get it eventually!