Two wonderful new gadgets…or, electrical appliances. The first is a non-essential but I am SO excited about this purchase!
An electric tea kettle.

As you know by now (you should…I’ve talked about it enough!) I drink tea and am very particular about my tea. So when I travel it can be a problem. Hotels and restaurants in the United States simply DO NOT know how to “do” tea. The solution? Bring my own electric kettle and, of course, my loose tea and paper bags.

May I present:

Bonavita Electric Travel Kettle

This baby is just 7″ tall and holds .5 litres or about one pint liquid.
So perfect! It boils in about 2 minutes and has an automatic shut-off.


Next up is this petite but very powerful travel hair dryer:

The BaByliss Pro Travel Hair Dryer

This is my favorite travel hair dryer, hands down. It is powerful, has two speeds, is dual voltage, the handle folds up, and comes with a nozzle. In my opinion, it is the best there is. It’s just 8″ tall with the handle extended, with 1000 watt power.

Take a look HERE and see what you think!