There are SO many choices on the market when searching for garden tools and accessories. Just when you think you have seen all the options for a particular item…wham…a new one comes along!

A Garden Hose

I’ve done a lot of research on garden hoses.
Several years ago I did two posts all about this very necessary item: HERE and HERE.
But, of course, some new models have come on the market. So let me show you a variety I found:

The Tuff-Guard Hose is 7 lbs. for the 50′ length

Tuff-Guard available from Gemplers.

This, the Heritage Garden Hose
is the lightest, weighing in at just 3 pounds for the 50′ length.

Heritage Garden Hose from Terrain.


The Dramm ColorStorm Water Hose weights in at 12 lbs. for 50′

The Dramm ColorStorm from Gemplers

This season I have been very unhappy with one of our three hoses. It sits in a big plastic container all rolled up but is VERY heavy and so hard to roll back into the box. It’s black rubber: well made and rarely kinks. But there has to be a better way. In the front of our house we have a lightweight hose in same kind of container. So buy another one? Yes, I have decided to try the Tuff-Guard in blue!

And of course, to go with your hose you need a nozzle. I’m betting many of you use Dramm nozzles.

This is my new favorite:
This is definitely one touch. No, it doesn’t have the 5 or 6 settings but between a shower and a stream you are pretty well covered. I find it much easier to use and, having had it for more than a year now, it shows no signs of giving out.


Do you have this one? It is their most popular and is ubiquitous. But I have found, having been through close to ten of these, that they crack or leak very easily and certainly don’t last more than a year.


And last, let’s move on to garden scissors. No, not huge shears or loppers…but smaller, easier to handle floral shears. Leave it to Terrain to be fashion forward with even this utilitarian item!

Garden Scissors from Terrain

Aren’t these adorable? I know, not the correct adjective for any garden geek to use…but oh, can you just see the photo styling opportunities with these??

Floral Shears from Terrain


For a more straightforward and less fashionista look, how about these:

Stainless Steel Secateurs from Gardener’s Supply


Just as I was researching this post, I saw an update from
A Way to Garden from Margaret Roach.

It seems that Margaret is also enamored of these “snippers.”  Take a look at the link above for more ideas…but these are so easy to use, easy to hold, and certainly do many “snipping” jobs easily and efficiently. Who needs anything larger for routine flower garden maintenance?

I went to the Fiskar site and saw these handsome “Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip” and just might have to get a pair. My orange handled pair (you may have seen in some Instagram photos) are about to bite the dust and these would be a good replacement.


Hope you all have a wonderful summer weekend and try to spend some time in the garden!