I don’t generally search long and hard for just the right mascara. Most of the time I will buy a brand at the drugstore and yes, it works just fine.
And then I started hearing about the
Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Eye’ Mascara
and how fantastic it is. So, I tried it.

And I love it! Goes on smoothly, doesn’t clump (at all..) , is easy to apply to both upper and lower lashes, and has lasted longer than most. I just bought my second.


As to my brows…no, this is definitely NOT an item I have focused on or thought much about. Occasionally I will use some color on them; I get them waxed regularly. It has always seemed a bit superfluous and over-the-top to me to hear people obsess over eyebrows!

Not any more. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this small “tube” of gel color with the perfect size brush. I use the No. 1 which is the lightest.  So easy and quick to apply and the results are amazing. I know, I’m a little late to the party: but better late than never!
Try it…you will like it!


Last, but not least, are these shoes:

Geox Koleos Sandals


With my upcoming trip to England just a few weeks off I began to panic about shoes! My Mephistos, while comfortable, look just awful! They are “well worn”, i.e. shabby and only to be worn locally. I have another pair of same brand but have never felt great wearing them. I will definitely be taking and plan to wear during my garden tour days, a pair of slip on navy sneakers. But no, I can’t wear those in London! Help…and then suddenly when going to the Nordstrom site, I came upon these Geox shoes.

They are just TOO wonderful. So comfortable. They breathe through the soles. The side and back strap are adjustable. The leather is soft. No break in required…which is really going some, in my book. They look very contemporary; I’ve worn them with a white skirt, cropped pants and even a casual striped dress. They are pricey, at about $130, but well worth it.

That’s it for my “Likes” today; a day late as I thought I would skip the Monday Holiday.

Do let us know if you have tried any of these and your comments…