The snapdragons are magnificent!

No other way to say it: they are above and beyond my expectations or hopes.
HOW did they get this way?

Well, back in October I bought a few packs. They were ok in the first few weeks. So I bought some more…and more..  I knew they would “hibernate” during the winter but was hoping and hoping they would come alive in the spring. But they looked awful. AWFUL. In November and December. So I asked at my local garden guru shop, Southern Seasons. They said to feed them with anything, just be sure to feed them every other week. All winter, I asked? Yes, cold, warm, snow, sun…whatever, keep feeding them. And so I did.

You know I love color and these more than satisfy.

This was taken today after the deep red flowers finally came out:

And last, how about this very cool “vase.” It’s paper with a glass inside! Daughter brought it to me from Rome. Now how cool is that?