Paper Doilies for Entertaining

Who knew that fun, colorful paper doilies could be so hard to find? You can find white, or even gold or silver, almost anywhere and in square or round sizes. But of course, I was after something fun and colorful…..
And then I happened to be in Michaels and there they were!!

The package includes 8 each of 8, 10 and 12″; one size in each design above.

Not only were they available in the set above, but I also found this set of cardboard cake boards. The top, decorated side is a thick plastic coated surface.

I mean, just how cute are these?


I had volunteered to bring a plate of dessert snacks to a Club meeting and, although I wasn’t able to attend, I left this pretty plate off early. Yes, I cheated and bought the cupcakes!

The silver plate here is actually a charger sold also at Michaels. But it is NOT safe for food of any kind which is clearly stated on the back. So these paper doilies work beautifully here.

The 12″ size shown here.


But the package also comes with 10″ (red) and 8″ (polka dot) sizes.

Here is the smallest 8″ on an oversized dinner plate.

They’re cute, aren’t they? I’ve looked around on line (Amazon, Google, Etsy etc) and really haven’t come up with too many options. If you go to Michaels on line THIS is what comes up.  It’s not quite the same as what I had bought, but would certainly be colorful.  Then a one size polka dot also appeared HERE. The best is to go to your local store and see what is there. Look in the cake decorating section or the bridal accessories…