This is a very unusual destination!
Hellebores is the ONLY product you can buy here.

Dick and Judith Knott Tyler have owned the farm and run the business since 1982.  They know hellebores! They have written books and articles, they travel extensively to broaden their hellebore knowledge, and they give talks to many, many groups. I first heard them at the North Carolina Botanical Garden when I was new to this area…and to hellebores! Now I am hooked.



As far as the eye can see…hellebores!




And here are my new “babies”



Pretty special, aren’t they? In about two years they will have doubled in size and be oh so gorgeous. Stick around and I’ll show them to you!

It IS a long drive from our area. Take a lunch, or some munchies, as there is not much around. The farm is just about in the middle of nowhere! But it is well worth the trip (look at the website as they are only open this weekend and next for this season.) You can always buy on line. And they are always available to answer questions. It was a fun day and now I’m just so pleased to know I have such healthy plants.

Happy weekend to everyone…