A sure sign that winter is ending and spring is just around the corner.

I had barely even heard of these magnificent flowers until I moved to North Carolina! Where had I been, right? The range of colors and the carefree attention shown these perennials is remarkable.
I inherited some very simple, basic, white and pale pink plants when we bought this house. And now, a few years later , I finally have some new varieties.

My first bouquet picked this week:

They are perfect..oh so perfect..in this indigo blue mug made by my sister and given to me for Christmas.

These, above and below, are new(ish). I don’t know the variety, but they are just a bit sturdier and more solid than my inherited plants and flowers.


This beautiful pink one below is from Tryon Palace in New Bern. More to come on that visit!

Did you know there is an annual Hellebore Festival? Yes indeed,
Pine Knot Farms
in Clarksville, Virginia opens their farm and gardens to the public for four weekends each year. The next series of open houses begins on Feb. 17, just a few weeks away. Pine Knot is known by anyone who is a hellebore aficionado…I have heard the Tylers speak and continually drool over the gorgeous plants on their site. So this year I AM GOING. And I will report back to you!

I discovered this short video of Pine Knot Farms:

Pretty special, no?