Been there…done that!

We DID renovate the south side of our property back in 2011. Well, that was six whole years ago and now…well, it’s time to think about renovation (or at least updating.)

This is the space in May of 2011 after we had removed EVERYTHING. It had been totally neglected for many years, the soil was awful, and, as we walk by it several times each day we were looking for a change.

The bare bones: note the Pampas grasses at rear.

To read all about that renovation see my post:

Here it is, freshly designed and planted and looking quite beautiful! The Pampas grasses are looking green, lush and appropriate for the space.


A year later and you can see our infamous stone egg, à la Andy Goldsworthy. I was in love with it…but didn’t realize how short lived (ie fragile) it would be.


I know, I know, this looks lovely and green and lush , taken in August 2016. But that grass is taking over! I couldn’t really weed or plant anything as the blades can kill you if you brush the wrong way. And, I did NOT take any pictures in October or all fall when the plumes were 7 feet high, blowing in the wind and depositing bits of feathery mess all over. Even our neighbors complained (very politely.) You have to trust me that it was awful!

These were Dwarf Pampas Grass Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’

This was last week, February 8th. They actually came out fairly easily (no, I had nothing to do with the labor!). We had been concerned that we might need a backhoe, but shovels did it!

Now comes the fun part. I am thinking of doing some set-into-the-slope bluestone steps. Maybe even a very low (6″) stone retaining wall about half way up the slope. To hide that ugly cement wall we are thinking of a combination of small boxwoods (which have done well in this intense sun area) and tall lavender. We pulled two enormous (yuge…) rosemary plants: they are almost impossible to prune properly so it is easier to start again. I have two beautiful Caryopteris plants that thrive as well as the pink Guara that you can see. Of course, I will do updates here as the season progresses and we work on this area.

The most important part of this entire area, and one you don’t see here, is my watering system.

I installed the Mister Landscaper system two years ago and it has changed my gardening life! Really. It was easy to install and I even have the timer down to a system that really works if we are away.Here is the post I had done:

I can’t recommend it highly enough! If I can manage it…you can!