I’ve been working on my newest business


for what seems like a lifetime!

It’s been up and operating (yes, I’ve had some sales!) but I wasn’t ready to put it up here.
Until today.

So click over to:


The tagline says, “Notecards that are colorful: flowers, French, vintage.” Well, that is sort of true. In the months….and months…and months that I have worked on this my inventory has changed, my sourcing has shifted a bit and I’ve totally redone the logo and wording. So that tagline is still subject to change.

As an example: this card of our local, iconic Belties didn’t even make an appearance until a month ago and has become one of my top searched and sold items.

If you look over on the right –> you will see my “Etsy Mini” on the sidebar. It’s been sitting there for a while, but I just moved it up many notches to make it front and center.

While Etsy is certainly not my only end goal in sales venues, it is a way to get started. I did do two local shows before Christmas, sold well, and learned SO much.  I will definitely be doing more local shows in the coming year and will let all you local people know about it. For now, it’s all about selling through Etsy!

I am having a “special” for the next two weeks, through January 31st.

And,  I will include one Valentine card, with envelope sticker, to all my followers here.
**That is FREE with any order**

I am working on/in the shop almost every day. I’ll be doing posts and stories here to either show you new items, or when I find something that relates to the shop. I won’t go on to describe just what is in the shop or why or how; I’ll let you explore…

But more than anything, I am so happy to finally share all this with you, my loyal followers and friends!