I have a very healthy Acuba Japonica in a large pot on my terrace. It’s very happy: partly shaded under a Japanese Maple, with lots of enriched soil in the pot. Over the last few years it has grown ( a lot!) so I like to use the branches as greenery in my flower arrangements. Perfect.

Here you can just see that long green leaf on the left:


Here, in another arrangement, you can really see those nice green leaves:

Every few days I empty the vase to refresh the flowers and the water and after about ten days..and much to my surprise, the Acuba had rooted! I mean, it ROOTED!

I put it back in the water, and a few days later pulled it out again:

Very healthy roots, right?

And here it is, planted and ready to keep growing:

I lied! I actually have three Acubas, all slightly different. But they all do well under the tree and cutting the greens helps to keep the size in check. For more information all about this wonderful, versatile shrub click HERE and HERE. And to read about propagation, HERE is a good article.

      Acuba ‘Hosaba’                     Acuba ‘Picturata’                             Acuba ‘Nana’

                  Let us know if you have ever tried this! And if you have an Acuba shrub, then try it!