Time to shop for a lightweight winter coat.
I need something that is not too heavy as a) our weather is not that cold here and/or not for very long and b) I do already have two very nice wool winter coats.

So I want something to replace a heavy cotton sweater coat that has definitely seen better days.  An unlined coat would be ideal. And easy on/off: no zippers and not too many fussy buttons.  A small collar would be ideal but a stand up would be fine. Pockets. No hood.
Is that too much to ask?

I actually DID find many strong contenders.

And now, for the top three choices:


The Marc New York Paige Coat from Garnet Hill.
In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with anything from this top on-line retailer. Let me tell you a short story. I looked at this coat for three days and delayed ordering it. And then, when I was ready to click through, “sorry, this item is no longer available.”  I happened to look through the comments and one person had said she experienced the same thing, called Customer Service and was told they might well get a return and would put her name on a waiting list. So I did the same. Within one day, ONE DAY, I received both an email AND a phone call that the item was in and ready to send with my ok. Now that is good customer service!

So what happened here? Well, sadly, the coat just was not right. It runs large. I am a pretty true Size8 and this was just too boxy and large overall. And, in reality , it was too heavy for what I wanted. It IS back in stock as of today, if you’re interested.


The Sally Coat from Boden

This just might be a keeper. Take a look at the site. It’s unlined. I love, love the three big snaps. It’s not itchy. Nice pockets.I thought of the Gray Marl or Navy. But one reason I don’t shop for coats at the large retailers is that, to me, they all look alike. The color is black, creme, camel, maybe a red. Bor….ing. This is personal, mind you! For that reason alone this coat appeals to me.

But then…wait… I am getting one last delivery this week from The Gap.


Double-face Car Coat from Gap

Having just said I wanted a fun, new color I am, yes, backtracking. Because this coat has everything I want: unlined, lightweight, simple buttons, pockets. And, don’t let the price deter you: it is 40% off the on-line or list price, every day. (I bought it thinking it was a one day deal only to see the “deal” last over a week.) Ah, retail.
We will see which coat wins out.

Oh, and another almost coat:


The Luxe Double-Faced Coat from JJill

Again, it’s unlined; has snap closure; on seam pockets. They were offering 30% discount but I’m not sure if that is still valid.

I think it will be between the Boden and the Gap coats. Decision will be made later this week!!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the links above to see if you like any of these.
Are you in the market for a coat? Do you have any specific requirements?