Vermont Bee Balm



This is my newest and greatest and very best discovery in a long, long time.
Maybe. But this is, honestly, THE best potion for nails, cuticles and hands.

I have had such problems with my nails. Dry skin, in general, very dry cuticles and then cracking, splitting nails were the order of the day earlier this year. I go to THE BEST manicure woman and, believe me, she tried. We tried everything. I’ve never used acrylic nails or gels. We glued, we mended, we filed, and we filled. To no avail. They only seemed to get worse.

So I went cold turkey.
Nothing. No manicure, no glues, no polish. Zero. For six long weeks.
And you know what? They gradually got better!!!!!

Thanks to Vermont Bee Balm which I put on 3x each day, my nails began to look normal. Here they are after two months with one coat of base.


And here, finally, finally with some Essie ……  I have waited a LONG time to get back to some color!


I am certainly NOT a very good hand model!!



The color is “Fishnet Stockings”

Another favorite color of late is “Chubby Cheeks”


You can get this nice size tin in Original or in Orange Butter Balm. The original is just about fragrance free and I definitely prefer it. The Orange Butter actually smells a bit like chocolate/cocoa (my opinion!)
This is olive oil and Vermont beeswax. That’s it. The consistency is a thick almost solid mass. They say to drag your thumbnail over the top…actually you sort of “push” the nail forward. It doesn’t take much, believe me. My one tin will probably last close to a year, and I use it twice a day now.


And…for those of you who are wondering
just which coat I kept……..
It’s the Boden Sally Coat!


It’s cute, it’s different, love the snaps in front, and it fits perfectly. Happiness.

Let us know if you have a favorite nail or skin care cream: we would love to see your comments!