Finally….some flowers!

As you probably know, we spent three weeks in France and, of course, saw lots of photo-worthy flowers. I will be doing several more posts about our trip and travel in general, but for now let’s start with one of my much-loved subjects.

This is from one of our favorite places in Paris:

Le Jardin des Plantes

We spent about an hour here (much too short…) while waiting for our hotel room and after that long, tiring flight over.

jardin-des-plantes img_2600-1_wm

Loving these colors:

jardin-des-plantes img_2604-1_wm

Next stop was Avignon and then on to our town of

We have been here several times and have wanted to rent in the town. One of the main reasons it is so appealing to us is the lack of tourists. You don’t hear much English here and that is just fine with us! A friend who lives nearby (an American) says it’s “just about the perfect town.”


Here you can put it in context with the rest of France.

This is the front door of our lovely rented house. Built in the 1600’s!


Husband got very tired of continually having to duck in every doorway….but that’s just the way it is in such an old building.

A variety of plants on our terrace:






We spent two nights over in Uzès and stayed at

Hostellerie Provencale

And the view from our room:

hostellerie-provencale img_2761-1_wm

I highly recommend this hotel. Lovely. Old yet modern. Breakfast was delightful. Very convenient. Large rooms. Owners on premises. Delightful terrace on the fourth floor.

And back in our house:

This was the view from our terrace. Sipping rosé and indulging in some of the best olives ever while watching the sun set: not a bad way to end each day!


I’ll be back with more posts next week….